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Now, here's a linkaroo.


It is nice to hear something positive on the city for a change.


OMG - I left NOLA in 1979 - is Ruthie still around? I thought I heard she died. What about Tinkerbell?


I don't know.....but either you feel the love or you don't. There doesn't seem to be an in-between.
I've made it clear to my family I have no intentions of leaving N.O.
I can't point to one or even 10 things to say just is what it is. This is my destiny.


I think you either feel the love or you don't. I can name 100 reasons to live here but if you have to ask, you don't feel it.
It's family knows the only way I'll leave is bound and gagged. :)


Ruthie is, at last report, in a nursing home. But yes, she's still around.


And here's a great post from G Bitch, talking about the same kind of thing:


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