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Ashley, my recall efforts may be worthless, but it is a symbolic act.

I know the online petition means nothing, that's why I'm going at this the old way. It can work, but it will take a lot of work.

It's time for New Orleans to fight back.

Sinn Fein!


I'll support you as much as I can, Morwen.

As I said above, "That doesn't mean we won't make a difference." I think we will...but the recall will not succeed.


I see it this way honey: if Nagin is getting attacked from many quarters, he must make a decision: support the city or get the Hell out of our freakin' way.

This what is called the warning shot across the bow. (Or in my eternal optimission, the direct hit.)

G Bitch

He needs to be disabused of the idea that we LIKE his lame ass.

I was never fooled by his party designation. His first time around, I warned everyone I knew not to vote for him--they did anyway and I still can't figure out why.

I'm willing to do anything, symbolic or not, to show that clown this is SERIOUS and about people's LIVES, not his public image. Ashley, Morwen, you know where to find me. I'm past ready.


why don't we start by showing up on Saturday when he has a District B meeting



Are you sure about the number on recall. I was contacted by a national CBS correspondent today who told me the petition needs over 33% of the voting population to bring the recall to a vote. Is this right?

We need to find out what the actual city charter states or if this is a state or fed. mandate.




In this post:, I cite Crouere, who states that Louisiana law requires 33% of the registered voters in a jurisdiction. I also plug in a few more numbers there.

Since we had about 37% turnout for the runoff election, these numbers are, unfortunately, about right.

Mark Folse

We need 33.33 percent of electors. I didn't get time to trace down a definition of which electors are required. I would think the signatures of those who elected the bastard (voting for or against) ought be enough, but I think we need to lawyer up before we go too much further.


It would help a lot if there was a viable alternative. This is has been the Demoncrats' blind spot for years...we think that W / Nagin / whoever is so OBVIOUSLY awful that no one can vote for him, and come up with some lame-ass alternative like Kerry or Mitch L.

Guess what gang? It ain't workin'. If you want to move the people, ya' gotta be FOR something different...not just against the status quo.

Me, I'll sign a petition today.

Where / when is the district B meeting? I'll bring a copy and collect signatures.

G Bitch

Clarify: a recall needs 33.33 percent of the voters who VOTED in the election or 33.33 percent of registered voters, period? There's a big difference there. If the latter is true, the 63% who did not vote at all in the election are eligible to sign the recall. ???


AFAIK, Morwen (Gentilly Girl) is supposed to be on this. I'm waiting for her results, then I'm ready to move on to phase II.

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