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scout prime

Well I was born and raised a Packer fan so...

One of the papers here had a big article on how will the Packers handle Bush.

I fear badly. I think this one will be yours but I gotta cheer for the's in the blood.


No hay problema, Scout. You live there.

It's these "I live in NOLA, but the Pack will win" types that raise my ire.


Why do I raise your ire? I've never liked the Saints, have no history with them and am sure as hell not going to give up on my team just because I left Wisconsin. It's really bad form to jump ship when it starts to sink.

Where did you live until a few months before Katrina? Were you a fan of that football team while you were there? No, you were probably a Saints fan, right? So there.

I've had no computer access for the last few days (STOOPID Cox) which is why I couldn't respond, but I'm going to be embarrassed anyway if the Pack loses to the Saints at home. So, you're on.


Maitri...settle down. I know you're a Pack fan; Jeffrey, OTOH, is just a naysayer.

Let's make it interesting...


Who Dat? Not the Pack, that's for sure!

Next week, Atlanta!


Who dat say dey gonna beat dem saints?

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