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Who's the goober standing behind you?

Thanks again for the ticket and the cubano. I owe you BIG TIME.

Especially since I couldn't deliver on the speedball that nite.


I resized the picture so you can now read the first word of the caption, and see the names of all 4 goobers.


Beautiful piece darlin', just beautiful!


I can't view the picture, but I really don't need to. The post is more than enough.

Laurie Bee

Ashley, couldn't get the pic to come through on my computer. You mentioned someone named "Dilly". Now I am from NO, but have lived in Las Vegas for 25 years and have a very dear friend from NO named Dilly Fulmer. He has visited me. Could this be him? Not too many people named Dilly....


God bless you, Ashley Morris.

You are a true hawght.

A dawlin hawght.

We are true bloods. Monday we were in the nation of true bloods.

chilling, over whelming

I can't explain to anyone why the posts are so off kilter from every blogger who attended the game.

It was undescribable. It is undescribable.

What really happened Monday?

You couldn't say.


I bawled that night too and tried to explain to a visiting family member why it was so important. I actually found myself enjoying Margaritaville because it was the real "cheap seats" but we were all there in spirit.

As I said in my post, I'm not much of a football fan anymore, but am now and always will be a Saints fan.

Oh yeah, and I've been crying on and off since then too.

It was something. So much more, so much more.

You said it beautifully and now I'm crying again.


What a great post, Ashley. And what a mouthful in just this one line:
"An entire group 69,503 people (Atlanta got 500 tickets) that you don't have to explain New Orleans to."

I read a quote somewhere that said, "home is where they understand you." That's what it makes me think of. I often get frustrated in trying to communicate what this city means, really means, to people who have never been here. I should know better, but still I try to explain the ineffible. I can fully relate to the joy of being in the company of people who DO know.

I want everyone to know.


I'm stealing that picture for my comic. Just so you know.

Laurie Bee

Got the pic. Not my "Dilly", but just as funny. Dilly's the kind a guy who find a bug in the ice bucket and instead of giving the ice to anyone else, he fills the bucket with Crown and and drinks it himself....notin' but a bug.....I LOVE New Orleans and miss it sooooooo......funny how we find each other out west. WE UNDERSTAND.

Laurie Bee

Sooooo right....home is where they understand you....well said, dawlin...


Ashley, have you lost weight? I don't need you wasting away to nothing.


Hey! I gotta picture just like that. Of course, here, I have to explain it to people. Ha ha. Awesome night, awesome meeting you and everybody else. Can't wait to come back again, only next time, I'm bringing the kids. Time to start the pogram of indoctrination...


I'm with berto. What really happened Monday night? It was like a dream. So wonderful I couldn't believe it was actually happening.

I think that's how I will feel when New Orleans starts changing in big, powerful, positive ways, like I know it one day will.

My heart is full of love right now. Next game, we really do need to meetup for a toast.


Clio sent me that pic on Tuesday. I spent Monday laughing and crying and screaming for joy. And when I got that picture in email, I did the same. There is nothing as great as a homecoming. Something right is finally and really happening. And the spirit is uplifted because the Saints are back in their rightful home. Keep up the great work!


Great, great post, Ashley. It's hard to put a finger on it, but it was and remains a tearful event. As the days drew down and the media started covering it, every time I'd see something about it, I'd gasp, and tear to my surprise. I only got to see the last fifteen minutes of pre-game because of The Youngest's baseball game, but I blubbered like a baby through them. Then the game started, and I honestly believed that I would not be able to help reverting to a lifetime of rooting for, er, you know, *sophmom whispers with appropriate shame* the Falcons, but that's not what happened. Those 69,503 deserved it. The Saints deserved it. The city deserves it. Still when I talk about it, read about it or hear news stories about it, the surprise tears come.

I'm sorry to hear that you're looking at property in Chicago.

gentilly rick

was that lee d' that took 3rd in the channel 6 best dressed fan contest or where there two cats running around in foam fleurs that day ?


Dat was Lee!


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