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Alan Gutierrez

Can we create web sites for them on the New Orleans Wiki?

We could create a restaurant page, and if we get enough information on a particular restaraunt, we can create a page especially for that restaraunt.

Alan Gutierrez

Firewire chassis for the drive? Uh, could I borrow it to recover the harddrive of my dead powerbook?


Alan: you know how to get in touch with me...we can definitely get the harddrive of the dead Mac up again.

BTW, I drove by Gene's today, and they're open!


Hmmm. I've got a dead P-Book, too. My beloved Titanium. (Coming to you live from Aluminum right now.) I think the HD may be fried, but you may be hearing from me, too in case there's some chance.

And maybe you can tell me why I have so much trouble with the drives I've installed in firewire cases. I think I have the jumpers right, but the drives hang and cause more problems then their worth.


Like the new look, but can Chirac buy back the larger font?


Marco, the new look will just last through the weekend. I'm with you on the small eyes are a bit too old for this.

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