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That girl on the horse -- which isn't Katherine Harris, is it? -- needs to shorten her stirrup by about five inches or four holes, whichever does the trick. And if that bra with the hint of cup overspill isn't a serious support model, she's about to learn that your boots aren't the most important item of clothing a horsewoman needs in her closet.

ashley is Katherine Harris. Those boobs are to blame for all the boobs in the White House.


While you stare at her hemispheres (more like 3/4spheres), she's on her way to making senator from FL. Yahweh bless us all.


That's the first link in the post, Maitri.

They must have hip-mo-tized you as well! ;*)


On the good side of things, the National GOP actually bad-mouthed her during the primary because they thought she could not win against the democratic incumbent. Here's hoping they're right.


Exactly. The laughs keep on rolling in...until the runoff.

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