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Mr. Clio

Thanks, dude. This is my perfect pre-game reading. I don't want to read anything about the game now until after.


Amen! I heard "Oh holy night" on the drive down. Amen. I be here. I'm only 5 blocks from the destination of my pilgrimage.



Oh Great Mime, thou and others have converted this sportless soul into a Saints fan.

So mote it Be...

Mark Folse

Hell, read the ESPN link slowly and all the way to the buttom. Fucking 'A is more like it.

I think at AT et al should bag that other fucking song about Baltimore of all places, and just launch into the Saints.


Dudes, I was in Cleveland two weeks ago and the fans there are total and complete jerkwads. Entering the stadium, throngs of Browns fans chanted "Asshole, Asshole" at me and friends wearing Saints gear. During the game, we were told to go home, go back to our flooded city, only stupid people live below sea level, etc. The Saints dominated the entire game, and I expected at least one Browns fan to say something sportsmanlike afterward. Instead, the Browns fans seated near us just sulked off without a word. Later, we were in downtown Cleveland for dinner, and we were once again greeted with, "Saints suck! Go home you assholes!" And this after we won the game! These people have no class whatsoever. They have no concept of sportsmanlike conduct. It will be a long time before I voluntarily return to Cleveland, if ever.


Yeah, Tim, they live in Cleveland in winter, and we're the stupid ones. There's a reason their town, not ours, is called "the mistake by the lake".

I remember a Denver game in the dome a few years back where Brooks had 400 or so yards passing, and we still lost. The Denver fans were taunting us in our building! Hopefully, they spent tons of money in the quarter, got filty drunk, sick, and lost their wallets.

Mark, I get the eventual gist of that article, but I made it a point not to link to the Tony Kornheiser interview, and the other ESPN drivel about how lucky we are to have won 2 games, and how it doesn't matter anyway, because this team will be in LA in 2 years anyway.

Why couldn't they just talk about how we average more than 1 season ticket per 3 New Orleans residents?

That's the stat we need to see. About how FUCKING AMAZING the sellout of the dome really is!

Gentilly Girl, it's not a choice, it's in my blood. I don't watch pro football, I just watch the Saints. It's different.


I understand that, and that's why I'm joining into the throng. It's ALL about New Orleans.



I'll be thinking of you guys tonight.


Wow....I NEVER watch football but I was glued to my tv last night. It was just beautiful...every aspect. Done New Orleans style!

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