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Instead of just bitching about Nagin, why don't you organize a recall movement? I'll gladly sign a petition calling for a recall on the basis of total dereliction of duty.


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Shane Landry

It isn't 1861. The world has changed. For one thing the USA has signed the UN Charter which recognizes the right to self determination. US foreign policy is all about telling other countries that they can not put down rebellions. Aren't we in Iraq because Saddam gased some rebellious Kurds(one of the stated reasons, anyway). Didn't NATO wage war to cover Kosovo's exit. What about Chechnya or Taiwan? I realize hypocracy has never stopped aggression before, but I doubt the Europeans would look kindly upon the US stomping all over us just because we want to save our way of life and stop our culture from washing out into the rising sea--a sea that is rising faster because the USA is not a party to Kyoto.

Hell, many Americans would be happy to see us go. Many of our fellow citizens in "sister" states think we are abhorant and a financial drain. Let them believe that nonsense. Then we can stop subsidizing greater American prosperity with our high cancer rates, greater exposer to tropical weather, and, of course, always being on the wrong end of colonialist exploitation.

Ideally, we should be able to work through the political process. The problem is this is not an ideal situation. We have very little pull in Congress. We are likely to loose another congressman after the next census. The great national issues are decided for us not by us. This is not an evil plot, but it is a reality, and its effect is to yield de facto virtual representation. I have no faith in the conventional political process to save us from the sea.

So we either shut up and take it, or we go our own way. It doesn't have to be ugly. It can be an amicable, no-fault divorce--irreconcilable differences and all that. We can even sell all the oil and natural gas we do not use exclusively to the USA. We would respect contracts and give full faith and credit, just like we do now. But we would be free to save ourselves and our fate would not be in the hands of others who do not care if New Orleans lives or Cajuns survive.

I may be naive, but I doubt a military dominated by southerners would fire on people who just want to save their way of life. We can feed ourselves and unless they bomb us we can keep the lights on. Directional drilling is tricky, but if Louisiana were a tax haven, maybe the big oil companies wouldn't go along with such mean spiritedness.

Besides, if we are doomed to cultural extinction anyway, we might as well stand up and go out in a "bang" instead of a "blup.blup.blup."


Shane, Biafra was only 1967, and the world looked on.

Brothers have fired upon brothers before in North America, and my guess is that they would do it again. They would enjoy it. They would think they were "teaching us a lesson" by genocide.

I am all for it, and I would rather die a patriot for New Orleans than the nation that abandoned us, but I think they would annhilate us for the sport of it:


Rock on, Shane.

Professor Zero

A friend of mine has been advocating secession for a year, and I've said don't be unrealistic, they'll 'Biafra' us (and yes, I do think Southerners would fire upon Southerners)...however, it now appears to me that they may 'Biafra' us either way.

Boudreaux and Thibideaux

That isn't going to happen boys. So why don't you start playing ball like the big boys do, before your entire port business smells a rat and moves to Houston to join the rest of the union?

What we need to do is play the game smarter and faster than the rest of the country. If our cancer rates are higher then we should use those facts to our advantage.

First, we need to restore democracy here in our corner of the world. We have a corrupt government and uneducated ppeople that are used to getting pushed around by bullies in politics that don't let them speak at community meetings. Right now are politicians are hiding more than they are helping. They won't speak up for fear of being called out themselves. This is not serving us. Get em out of here now!

Secondly we need to higher some lobbying experts like other smart towns and states do. Third, we need to make some friends with all the other nation-wide activists and watchdogs and use them to our advantage! there is a lot of groups like that seem silly but altogether make a big difference. I don't know about you But I feel a lot safer living in a community that has a lot of human rights and environmental activists and investigative journalists.

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It is a little worse than San Salvador and I think it will end up being like Managua.Both of these were dyotrseed, of course, by war and earthquake, and there was no money to rebuild, except corporate money which built corporate things.The new cathedral in Managua was built by Domino's Pizza (the ruins of the old one are still there). The old town center was not rebuilt, and now everyone goes to this disgusting mall.Ruins are everywhere in both cities.A fascinating place I visited in El Salvador was Suchitoto, and old colonial city which had been entirely ravaged by the war, and lost 70% of its population. Now people are coming back there are donations-only concerts in the old theatre, which has only some of its roof, all proceeds to reconstruction, a park in which all of the art is built from pieces of decomissioned bombs and land mines, and a good deal more along these lines.


Was going to go meself, but felt irked that it was pilrarimy a hard-left love-in, plus it was fucking cold, so I sent junior down to represent, and spent the evening gambling what's left of the children's allowance on the Champion's League. (Up a tenner, woo! Casino capitalism ftw!)Protesting is now very late in the day. We're getting a general election soon. When the cunts come to your door, ask them one simple question: will they swear to renege the bank guarantee? If the answer is anything other than a clear no, don't give them a preference.Sure, this could indeed result in a Shinner government with Richard Boyd Barrett as Finance Minister, but frankly at this point it's either that or start shooting bankers.I'm good with either, to be honest.

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