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I'm sorry, Ashley. I've given up football (at least for the time being), but wanted to tell you that your blog looks great! Well done.


That explains it.

I knew it was something different.

It was the MidWestern thing.


Freddie will be there in a month or so. He'll still be in good shape.

He'll be ready.

Fitch N. DarDar

It's sad to see him go, but I don't consider Payton mookworthy for it. It would have been even more dickish for Payton to keep him hanging around for 2 more years and then dump him (because he's too old) right before we become serious contenders.

He's dumped all of Haslett's assholes, so he is getting a bit of a reprieve on this one. At least he didn't dump him so he could keep one of his pets (Steve Gleason?).

And, since we're on the subject of cuts, I think Haslett's decision to dump Talman Gardner last year (for Az friggin Hakim) was a billion times more dickish and mookworthy.


Exactement, M. DarDar. Talman Gardner has a world of class, and will also go over the middle when he knows he'll get popped. Az...well, thanks for the fumble in 2000, Az.

karen boudreaux

I went to and what do I see there but Houstonians begging their mayor to send New Orleanians home.....FUCK HOUSTON! FUCK YOU YOU INSENSITIVE ASSHOLES! I HOPE TO GOD YOU FUCKS GET HIT BY A CATAGORY 5 HURRICANE. I WILL LAUGH WITH GLEE AND I HOPE THE COUNTRY TURNS THEIR BACKS ON YOU as Ashley would say, YOU CLASSLESS FUCKS. I HOPE YOUR CRIME RATE GOES UP HIGHER I HOPE OUR PEOPLE TERRORIZE YOU TILL YOUR BEGGING FOR MERCY> just try getting rid of us....well actually as if we want to be in your city anyway


Karen has been channelling Dr. Morris.

mac relative

Freddie Mac is the glue for the New Orleans Saints!

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