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I believe the right Ashleyism is fuckmook. Btw, Greg and you need to watch your mouths: Kalypso will be at RT...

G Bitch

What about "pissant dickwad fuckmook"?


How about delusional, ineffectual, worthless fuckmook with delusions of competence and a desperate need for a fucking speechwriter and a muzzle?

karen boudreaux

Just thought I would comment on the recent article in Picayune regarding Compasses' "resignation". If he was fired by Nagin for the uncontrolled, emotional statements coming out of his mouth, I have to ask myself, why has Nagin not yet fired himself for his own comments that leave one wondering if he is insane and deranged. He has stuck his foot in his mouth so many times I am sure it has found its way thru his ass already

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