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The adventurous and perilous and heroic journey to retrieve the lost chickens and beans will never be forgotten (by me).

You were batman, and I was robin. And our trusty batmobile became... amphibious.

I trust Mrs Morris enjoyed the take home plate?


Your contribution was much more vital than that of Robin. Perhaps more like Kato to my Green Hornet.

And yes, the woodgrain wallpaper bedecked batmobile was amphibious. Indeed.

Mme. Morrisova was extremely happy, which meant I was not beaten about the head and neck, and thus, happy. Kudos to the bivalve for his contributions.


Not only did you feed us you probably prevented a Donner Pass moment.

There is a press Confrence for Walgreens today at 1230


Scott Harney

Irrefutable Anecdotal Evidence of what exactly? What was the argument about?


Jeez, Oyster and Ashley can you promise me not to wear tights?


Scott: my proposition was that if any pupil can attend any school, then the top 3-5 schools would be inundated with applicants. This guy claims to have been a teacher in a remedial program, and said only 3 students in the entire school wanted to transfer elsewhere, allegedly because of parent apathy. Then he started talking about his brother-in-law the cop getting shot at in the convention center and other irrefutable anecdotal evidence.

I won't wear tights if you bow down and kiss the ring of he who brought Dunbar's to the party, both organizationally and physically. Bow!


I'll kiss you ring gladly if you'll kiss my ring for working my ass off with the panels. Deal?


I'll kiss the ring, but I ain't bowin. Bad back from carryin' the PA equipment.

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