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Thanks Ashley. As always, you nailed it.

I was in the Rodrigue gallery with my 6 yr old grandson the other day. He loves Blue Dog. I explained that the artist had done many posters to raise money after Katrina and that the one of Blue Dog underwater was about Katrina. He was pretty awed.

While I was in there, the guy running the gallery, handed my grandson a button saying, "Levee 5 to stay alive." Needless to say, grandson didn't understand it, but I loved it. The guy and I talked for a little bit and he said something about the mayor. I asked, "Oh, have you SEEN him lately?" We both just laughed, that sad laugh that those of us here have perfected.

These people have to get it together, and I for one, refuse to let Washington ignore us til we die on the vine, which it seems, is the plan, or the "not-plan" or whatever.

Thanks again.


Rebuild the place yourselves. I'm tired of you deadbeats acting like you're the only people who have ever had to contend with a hurricane.



Thanks for writing.

BTW, it's not the hurricane, it's the flood from the criminally constructed federal levees, you stupid fuckmook.




"Where the fuck is the money?"

The state already has the CDBG finds. The LRA won't release them when there is NO PLAN on how they will be used.

We've already seen what happens when assets are released to New Orleans without a plan that can be used for oversight: they get handed to bogus "nonprofits" who then hand them right back to theiving, incompetent city councilmen.

So the fucking money is waiting on a fucking PLAN. Not unreasonable. Where is the fucking plan? Not forthcoming. Not only is it not here now, I don't think there will ever be a real plan...just a bunch of random pandering by our spineless mayor to whichever "community group" has the best political connections.

You blame "them" for keeping New Orleans from rebuilding. I say: the rebuilding is ALREADY COMPLETE in every way that matters in the long run. We have just what we had before the storm: shaky levees maintained by incompetent engineers, a middle class that has opted out of the school system entirely, a bloated beaurocracy that can't get anything done, and corrupt, incompentent officials voted into office by an electorate whose primary concern is skin color.

Whether it's white Mobile, AL or black NOLA, communities who elect governments based on skin color generally get the kind of government they deserve. The real threat to New Orleans future isn't George W., my friend. We have met the enemy...and they are us.


Blackwater aren't assassins. They're a commercial defense firm. You can't hire them to kill, but you can hire them to execute missions. If killing happens along the way, then so be it.

But we're talking about the sheriff's office, not PSCs. A public entity that made a decision to use lethal instruments in a non-lethal fashion. And again ... if got the point across and defended the community as intended.

Self-defense has a very strict legal definition, and I haven't found many instances post-K where it's been applied inappropriately. Of course, that definition must be expanded somewhat when dealing with a community instead of just an individual. But where we have no loss of life and only protection of the community from a potential threat due to the shots fired, I can't find a problem with it.

And Sol, you truly are a putz. I mean that in as vulgar a sense as possible.


It's true. We could insert the middle finger in our own asses, but the truth is that if Lyndon Johnson were president, he would long ago have rammed his pointed boot up the backsides of any local politician who wasn't helping citizens get on with their lives in the fastest possible manner. George Bush would have to raise himself off of his own pointy boots before he could do anything.


Will, "white Mobile" has a black mayor.


I don't think that it takes the most hardcore reiaclpbun anymore; I think it just takes someone that is deaf, dumb, and blind. I am serious when I say that too; because if you listen to what is really happening, understand that he is a fucking liar, AND see that he has been doing that since, well forever, anyone could recognize that he is a huge failure and a disgrace to the presidency. SO yeah!


Amen. Heard some seemingly itlenligent big wig comment on the news the other night that these are disenfranchised people . It's now becoming a race issue for the libs. We MADE these people live in this town! We PURPOSELY didn't care about having only category 3 levies because there was a .5% chance a category 4 or 5 hurricane would hit within 300 years, and we have been SO SLOW to help them because we're racist pigs! BLEEEEEEEEEECH!!!!!!!!!! Sick of it.Can you tell?


Thanks Jackie and Jamie very much, I will check out the tv schedule. :]Mary Ann, I rlaely believe those people do know, but just don't give a damn. It's a tragedy that there are tons of people in our world that are like that. Selfish and greedy with the me me me attitudes, or worse the poor me attitude. Granted, I understand that a lot of people have it rough, and just because someone else has it tougher than someone it doesn't necessarily mean they can always feel better knowing that.. life is hard sometimes, and we are human. But what rlaely gets under my skin is the people that have it rather easy, bitch about their lives when they don't have a clue what hardship rlaely is. And these jerks, the ones who knock Brad, Angelina or anyone else who do good for others, need to sit their behinds down and zip it. How can anyone be so hateful towards a person that would want to help YOU if you were in a desperate situation. These people, these fortunate people that have their nice houses, and cars, money and their computers that they spend hours upon hours using to vent about a couple that they don't even personally know, could have been the ones born in a place like Haiti, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Pakistan, Sierra Leone etc, and just how would they feel if no one wanted to help them? How would they feel about people who put down the ones who showed so much passion and kindness towards them?There is nothing wrong with Angelina. She doesn't bother anybody. She lives her life, raises her kids, has a good man, both of them wealthy, famous, gorgeous and share their good fortune. People h a t e it. They h a t e her. They don't want to see this beautiful woman succeed at everything. They can't have her life, they sure as hell don't want her to have it either. So they are waiting for her to fail. Its very 2nd grade. Well if I can't have it, you won't have it either! And so the kid takes the toy and breaks it type of thing. No one can take away what she has and they h a t e it. People will always put her down especially. Its mainly women, women can be quite catty and jealous. Don't expect the h a t i n g to go away anytime soon. Our world is so screwed up sometimes. Celebrating peoples failures and hoping for the worst for others? That's sick.


Sylvia, I replied to you by email but maybe you didn't riveece it. I'm not able to watch it because I don't get HBO at home (and I'm also on vacation right now) and the HBO website doesn't allow Canadians to see videos on the site. Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to see it soon.


LOVE the sucker cards!!! Too cute! might ask his dr. about Singulair? He may be too young...I think my boys were 2 when they srtated it. I know, in this day & age it's really sad that racism still exists...after everything those who have gone before accomplished. Very sad. We're supposed to get more snow too...but nowhere near 9 inches!!! WOW!!!

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