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AC @ 78: Israel exaggerates the tseorrirt threat posed by Hamas and Hamas's military power is infinitesimal compared to the IDF. Polls have shown that around two-thirds of Palestinians agree that attacks on Israeli targets are a legitimate strategic response to the political situation. If HAMAS is tseorrirt, then so are all these Palestinians, including the people of Gaza who voted them into office. Israel has killed many more Palestinians than the other way around.Even the US army is suggesting that Israel's demonising and dismissal of Hamas as a legitimate elected government which yes sometimes uses (not very successful) resistance tactics has been one of the major obstacles to peace, or even any progress towards peace.


Dear Mike,I just stumbled acorss your site I really appreciate what you are doing. I am moving to South Philly tomorrow, i just got a job with AmeriCorps. I am a musician, I play experimental music with mandolin with a loop pedal along with a variety of other instruments. I guess, i'm just looking for any insight from you about the philly music scene what are some good venues to check out for both listening, and booking a possible show. and one thing on my mind, is that i'm moving to a new city i don't really know much about so i'm really looking for stuff to do what venue or spot would be real laid back where I could go and not feel awkward just hanging w/ a beer and listening to some good local music?Thanks Mike,Dave Hall


Would you consider awloling me to crosspost this piece on my blog? I rarely reproduce a post in its entirety, but this is an incredibly important piece, I think. What it describes is crucial for people of the U.S. to recognize and consider, as we move in the direction of having this sort of thing be the solution to all sorts of problems. Living close to New Orleans, as I do, this piece is all the more poignant. But it would be disturbing to me no matter where it had occurred.


Does anyone know of any coepiehmnsrve articles on the reconstruction of New Orleans from a relatively non partisan perspective?Anyway, I'm having a red wine right now. So as I've got something to give up for Lent.

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