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The credit for using the phrase in the context of our NOLA situation may indeed go to Ronnie, but you get the credit for its having spread like wildfire throughout our blogging ranks.


I saw Ronnie at Franky & Johnny's late on Tuesday, eating up the local grub at a local joint. The man walks the walk.


Beautiful....that gave me chills....Will definatly be buying his books..


Thanks for the heads up. I love Ronnie's writing AND his voice. I'm ordering the book right now.


I had an occasion to talk to Ronnie a few months ago, and complimented him for standing up for New Orleans. In the same way, his eyes lit up -- which is an even more pronounced expression because he's such an old fart now, and his expression normally is one which seems to reflect a weariness with the world. He's a good guy, and I really appreciated your dedication to him.


Thanks for filling me in with new info. I'll be getting copies of both books.


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the more local, the better...
i love to see how you fix some government problems, i like your thoughts!


Thanks for the heads up. I love Ronnie's writing AND his voice. I'm ordering the book right now.


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Cela ressemble au-delà étonnant.

Non, attendez .... il va au-delà étonnant.

Un travail bien fait (comme toujours).


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I remember when ashley visit us, he was a great guy, full of vitality and dreams. We miss you Ashley.

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