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At least Frank wouldn't lie to me like I was Montel Williams. Do I LOOK like Montel Williams?


No, but you do kinda resemble Richard Belzer...with a better complexion.


Classic post, Mr. Mac God.


something similar to a freind of mine. He responded with a straightforward rebuke that reminded her it was not her place.You know, maurice, I was cheated on by kat. The other guy was my brother. Oh my god, I cannot tell you of the depth of bitterness and hatred I had for the both of them. It took a couple years for me to forgive my brother. It still took some more time before the both of us actually became freinds.Nowadays we joke and deride the whole situation, and even share a laugh about bad she was in bed. Obviously this situation is different because it involves you, sally, and a person who was a close freind. I doubt sincerely that your relationships will restored like that, but with that story I wanted to say that forgiveness and reconciliation are possible; hell, even a level of freindship could come out that you never thought existed. Who knows? For that matter it could all go down the toilet.As far as the repentance thing is concerned, well only time and you will tell. John the baptist makes mention of showing "fruits of repentance" which says to me that if the repentance is for real it's eventually going to show. But am I going to judge the authenticity of your repentance? Hell, no!!! That's not my place.Incidentally, if you decided to kill yourself, I would not be happy. Now don't get me wrong, I have enough arrogance and sarcasm to more than make up for your absence, but I believe each should do the work to which they are called; and I'm not about to pick up on your slacking.:-)

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