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Children are the true beauty in this world. What a cute picture. You better watch out because the boys are gonna be circling those girls in a few years.


Wow, cute, hunky Ashley! Your kids are soooo cute. I agree with saint, you need to send to Yankton for some body guards.


I have a double barrelled shotgun: one barrel for each daughter's dates.


Heh Heh. I love to hear you people talk the big talk. Wait till you see how much control you DON'T have. I remember the night my son told me all the stuff he had been doing for years and I had no clue. He said, "See? You didn't know it and it didn't hurt you!"


I had that same talk with my mom, but I was about 38 years old. My sister was there, laughing her head off at all the stuff I told her I did in college. My mom thinks *she's* going to hell now because she failed to stop me from being a sinner. Arg.


I like grandpa Willie's threads. I bet he was a gas to have few with. Gotta hand it to ya'. Vibes, stand up and the father of those fine looking children.


Man, those are some beautiful little people you've got there. Colonel Willie reminds me a little of Robin WIlliams. Have you still got the vibes? You could be a one man show at Rising Tide.


Awwwwww. Great pics. Good luck with that teenage thing. I have no idea what it would have been like to have girls and nothing could have prepared me for how wonderful it is to have grown (or almost grown) kids. They are the coolest people I know. I bet yours will end up being the same.


Thanks for the compliments, all. Of course, Katerina already knows she's gorgeous, Annabel doesn't care, and Rey just spit up on me again.

BTW, Pampa's name was WIllie Allen Morris. Not William, Willie. And he was a great old guy who died in 1975. He lived 75 years, my dad lived 75 years. Me, I'm turning cyborg and will live forever.

Finally, I'm aware what little control I have over the kids. Really.


BTW, I still got the vibes, and can still play 4 mallet Stevens grip (hey, I'm going for the percussion geek demographic!).

Of course, vibes just plain don't work for the blues.


Milt Jackson would disagree about the vibes and blues.


Yeah, but I ain't Milt.

I would actually unstring my vibraphone bars, and take them to concerts to get them signed. My bass F# is signed by Milt, the G# next to it is signed by Hamp.

Depending upon how I'm playing, it either gives me incentive or makes me feel how hopeless my playing is.

Nobody was as cool as Milt.

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