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As a denizen of Katrina-ville, I too have that knee jerk reaction when I hear that people in other parts of the country are experiencing weather-related "emergencies". As much as I'd like to yell it out, I keep it inside of me, knowing how much it might further hurt those that are experiencing the wrath of nature.

It's sad/true that once again the gov't has failed those most in need of assistance: the people you spoke of whose families had been separated since the storm. Separated not by their own volition but by (to quote you)the carelessness and bureaucracy of the federal government. What a mess.


True, all true, but there is another reason many died in the heat waves last year here and in Europe. They routinely don't have air conditioners. I didn't know until my first visit to Boston that you could buy a car with no A/C. They are so used to mild summers and harsh winters that the northern poor consider an A/C for the apartment to be a luxury. Something you put behind food, medicine and heat.

Contrastingly, an A/C here is a basic need. You can't live here without one unless you're 19 and 95 lbs. Only the cruelest family would dump grandma in an apartment with no A/C.


You make painfully true points, here. It must be the number of posts you're putting together. You're putting so many issues right out there. This is one nasty truth that I thought "W" would have the courage to recognize nad respect.

Let's see if he does, in fact, come to town.


Judy, sometimes it's all I can do to not scream at these victims. Thank goodness I'm not in Cali or St. Louis now, or in Boston when the tunnel collapsed.

Dblond: I happened to be in Europe during that summer, and not only don't many houses have AC, many hotels do not either. Every fan in Belgium was sold. It's insane.

OTOH, I don't know how many friends every invited you into their homes in the 9th ward. I would say that about half the ones I went into were air conditioned, and all but one of those were simply window units. Fans are everywhere.

At least we understand air circulation and evaporative cooling.

DB, we just gotta keep hammering. It's fatiguing, but necessary.


Having grown up here and along the Coast pre-A/C, I know what it can be like. I also know how families stayed together or in close contact.

Modern Amerika has moved on past our antiquaited ways, but they have arrived in a lonely personal desert. There are no roots or real connections. They die alone and lonely.

Maybe the guv'mit wants us to join the Modern world, and to that I say, "Suck shit!".

Full reparations for every New Orleanian, homeowner or not.


You know, ashley, I think you've got a fantastic point here.

Coming from North Louisiana, I can say that the family unit is strong, but is not as geographically united as it is in this urban area. My family was spread all over town, and if we didn't see each other but every couple of weeks, okay.

Now that I'm a married man down here, I see my in-laws probably twice a week (and then again on the weekends). I think there's something about both the geography and the culture down here that brings families together and keeps them there, without too much conflict.

Great observation. Keep this one on the back burner and see what simmers up.

G Bitch

Also in the 9th Ward, folks inherited houses from parents, grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc. and had no assets other than the house. Extended family can help scrape together a tax payment. That reliance on extended family may be why "the working poor," for lack of a less condescending phrase, haven't moved back in large numbers--if your network is split up, how do you pool resources to get back home and fix the house so you all have somewhere to live?

I routinely scream at the TV, Well, y'all should've known the fire/crash/flood/rain/whatever was going to happen and you better not expect me to help your triflin', lazy, ignorant, living-in-the-path-of-danger ass! And then I cackle, loudly.


"...agencies intentionally separated these families..."

That's quite a charge. Do you have anything besides anecdotes to back it up?


My evidence is both anedcotal and first-hand from the evacuees.

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