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Mr. Clio

I'd offer to write you a letter of recommendation, but one from me would probably land you on an NSA watch list.

Seriously, you ought to be the dude. Your first task would be to figure out why my Palm Lifedrive can never pick up the &*$% city wireless network downtown.


You've got my vote.


Would that mean you could stop commuting to chi-town? Could you live with that?


They won't do that. It makes too much sense.


Could it be that Meffert leaving is a good thing??

Safety and permits , City Planning and The HDLC are all crippled right now..


A friend's dad is a big dog in IT at City Hall. Remind me to talk to him.


You beat me to the punch, man. I wuz gonna suggest this before I heard about Vince.


I'm on a year sabbatical. I have until July 1, 2007 before I even have to *think* about returning, and I'm pretty sure they'd give me a leave of absence as long as I wanted it. In any case, I don't have to show up in Chitown until September 2007.

Mr. Clio

BTW, I notice you didn't list "FYYFF" under your "Articles."


Well, it wasn't officially "refereed". Although I was wearing a striped shirt.

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