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- Nagin haben das Richtige getan und brachte in dem Urban Land Institute kurz nach dem Sturm, und sie erzeugt einen Plan, der nahezu universell gefeiert wie der richtige Weg war. Aber der Plan war nicht "frei Süßigkeiten für alle", so Nagin sofort legte seinen Schwanz zwischen die Beine (Jene Stelle, dass scheinbar menschenleeren) ad acta gelegt und es.

- Diese großen bösen Multis gab uns $ 1M wert von Nutzfahrzeugen deperately durch Ersthelfer benötigt, um die, die in der Flut beschädigt ersetzen, und unsere gewählten Volksvertreter
F * & KING gestohlen.


something like nigeria was made by epeaurons?.. this is true , but even european states have not always exisited. instead of dwelling on how the country was made, lets try and make the country work . dont u know that divisve talk like this makes nigeria not move forward. perhaps nigeria needs to seriously commemorate Biafra , but the problem is we are too proud a people to want to sit down and discuss some of the issues that Biafra , brought up. plus when people like Danjuma, and IBB are still around the biafra issue will not be dealt with properly. we need to apologise the each other 9 i.e. all the 'tribes') and try and move forward as one nigeria. and about igbo's feeling marginalised, fair enuff there hasnt been an igbo president a while , however people like soludo, Ndi , and okonjo-Iweala , have shown excellent leadership in their respectiive areas. i pray for a naija that is less consumed with the politics of ethnicity , where people will vote for polticans PURELY on the basis of what that politican has to offer, not where he comes from . we are not the only african nation with different tribes ok , so can we just unite as a people and devlop our country so that the man on the street, where he is yoruba, igbo, hausa, ijaw, kalabari , ikwere, will be able to eat well and send his children to school.


If I'm an idiot then there is and will never be a category for your iagronnce, naivety, and basic stupidity. I have a comments section for rationale responses not the drivel that you try to pass off as coherent comments. When you have something intelligent to share, I, and all of Blogland, will be waiting. Until then....Chxta warned me about you and he was right. What he failed to point out is that you are an attention seeking ______. People like you troll the internet bothering people who are seeking to work with others to improve things. You waste everyone's time with silly little comments because you think that stirring up controversy will make you look special. Some might fall for this nonsense, but I don't. So, feel free to STOP visiting MY blog. And if you cannot resist the temptation, which is obviously the case, take the time to NOT share your iagronnce. And if you insist on succumbing, ENSURE THAT YOUR REMARKS ARE A PERTINENT ADDITION TO THE DISCUSSION.THOSE ARE MY RULES!


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I am a young Igbo male, 23 years of age. The author of this alictre speaks of "Nigeria" as though it is a legitimate country. You are not from a "country", you are from a geographic expression called "nigeria", created by a bunch of White people in Britain. There are no "Nigerians" in the sense that there are French or Germans or Italians, and there never have been. The Igbo want Biafra because we know we can do BETTER, and that other stupid "Nigerians" will never stop resenting us for our supposed obsession with wealth (since when was this bad?) and the unfortunate fact that we do better than they do in business and academics. If Nigeria were a federal government, with a legitimate federal structure (like Canada's) then there would be far fewerer problems, but unfortunately, with stupid illiterate Hausa Fulani and stupid Yoruba being members of the death cult that is Islam, it is highly unlikly the country will ever adopt an appropriate form of government.


it is sad that your father was treetad the way he was at the kiosk. I still find it hard to believe that it was simply because he spoke in Igbo, but will have to take your word for it.As for the comments you received -"omo igbo oshi". I am curious, could you provide some context? Growing up in Lagos, I had children follow me down the street singing "oyingbo pepper, lookoo lookoo pepper, if she marry pepper, she o marry no more, African oyingbo...."As a young child at the age of barely 6, I was disturbed (particularly because at the time, I didn't understand pidgin). Anyway, my point is, I understood then that the comments had nothing to do with who I was. It was just a way of kids being silly. I thus wonder if your 'incident' had little to do with your Igbo-ness and more to do with some other factor.If you feel like sharing, please do so. If not, I appreciate your contribution to the discussionm nevertheless.


Well written actirle but I do not totally agree with your views. I don't believe that the GDP growth is a useless one. There is no gainsaying the fact that Nigerians are not happy seeing high growth rates that do not have any effect in their pockets but simply because majority of Nigerians are getting poorer and minority are getting richer does not mean that there is no growth. It just means that the rich are getting richer faster than the poor are getting poorer.I digress. Back to the point.Nigerians do not know that Nigeria is currently helpless including the government. The case of the government is like a poor parent watching his child accuse him of not providing food for him when he is hungry without giving thought to the fact that the parent is simply broke and cannot even feed himself.Nigeria has an infrastructure deficit of over N32 trillion that should be bridged in the next four years and if nothing is done, this deficit will balloon to N47 trillion by 2016 assuming an inflation rate of 10% per year. Nigeria has a budget of about N5 trillion with a budget deficit of 2.97%, meaning that Nigeria can only finance the budget in 2012 by borrowing roughly N1.1 trillion. So the country can only generate revenues of N3.9 trillion to finance the budget. How will a country that has an infrastructure deficit that is almost ten times of what it can finance per year impact the lives of common Nigerians?It stands to reason that the government is helpless and there is very little it can do about this directly. Casting aspersions about railway lines that were awarded and taken back or a N70 billion textile fund that did not work is not the problem. Our past leaders have wrecked Nigeria and there is very little anybody can do regardless of who is at the helm of affairs.Believe it or not, Nigeria is on the right path. We need to shout our GDP growth and our massive population from the mountain tops for the whole world to hear. We need the world to know that the country has a massive consuming power that can be tapped into. We need help and we need it fast. The only way out of the doldrums is for foreign investors to come in and help us. They will only invest if they know that they will make profits and our GDP growth is the only thing we have to offer to entice them.Nigeria is corrupt. Granted. But there is corruption the world over. There is no point believing that the Government can successfully sell any of its entities without some personal interests clamoring about the wrongful sale. That is why I am happy that Nigeria is encouraging massive private participation in the power sector. The PIB is going to be accelerated, given the crises inthe downstream sector. The PPP embarked upon for the development of roads and other infrastructure is a welcome idea. We can no longer wait for the Government to do everything for us.I have a dream that one day Nigerians will have world class companies in the mould of Apple that will have a market value that is as large as half of the Nigerian economy. If the Swiss Government cannot bail out UBS when the financial sector was crumbling because the company was richer than the Government, then I believe that one day, we will achieve it and all those rent seeking politicians will finally believe that hardwork can pay more than laziness.I still believe in Nigeria.


the politics of oil finrlag in nigeria and the african continent in general can only be properly addressed when a responsive leadership finally emerges from within the people. as presidential hopeful, barack obama would say, real change comes from bottom up and not the other way. it will take a real leader with actual mandate to stand up to the multinationals to demand a change of attitude; multinationals like chevron who have come to the sad conclusion that it is more cost effective to just flare the gas than to put then into a more effective and more environmental friendly use. from re-injecting the gas back to the ground to lng to piping them to homes across west africa, africa and even europe. russia sends her gas to europe through a network of criss-crossing pipelines throughout europe and asia. what africa needs is to insist on a working very effective real people's democracy whereby it can get a leader who will be responsive to the people. until then, nothing good will ever come out of the several discussions on oil finrlag in nigeria cum africa.

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