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Houston is already a 4 letter word for me and mine, having been forced to live there for 6 months. Which is to say nothing bad about the treatment, it's just that the city is sterile and commercial. You drive everywhere, you CAN'T walk to a store, and I would be shocked if someone who lives there has any concept of culture, having chosen to live in Houston. So it is not a surprise that a Houston "jazz club" manager didn't know who Kermit Ruffins was, having chosen to live in soulless Houston.


Fuckin' goddamn A!

These cities think they can be us? They're out of their fruit fuckin' minds. Don't even try you white bread shits.

And as far as the abandonment of our city? Screw the nation. Take matters into our own hands as our ancestors did.

Take Chocolate Ray and the clowns of the City Council out of the loop. We ARE New Orleans, not those fools.

What has the current Administration given us? Occupation by a foreign army. We are stymied by the lack of funds that would allow us to rebuild, to restore, if possible, our Federally-funded, destroyed lives and work.

I am a native of this land. My people have been here since the beginning of this city. Swamp water runs in my veins. This is where I stand, period.

Long live the Isle d'Orleans, and fuck the U.S. We are on our own, and that's probably the right mindset. We will exact our pound of flesh for what was done to us in the Future.


My wife and I watched that Frontline report last night, and we were amazed. The whole bit about Colin Powell selling his soul in front of the whole world with that trumped-up BS presentation at the UN--that was just so sad. You lie down with dogs, general, you get up with fleas.

We both looked at each other at the end and almost at the same time said, "How can this guy still be in office?"

Sadly, I know the answer: democracy in the hands of unwashed America.



karen boudreaux

Just a comment regarding Houston. Unfortunately my brother has relocated to Houston. As you've said its a souless city. They may have opened their arms to us, but they haven't stopped whining since. They complain new orleanians don;t know when to call it a night and go inside their home. New Orleanians are not known to go inside to quietly retire, we live around the clock maybe they should learn something from it rather than criticize. As the cowboy mouth says, we'll be playing music and dancing in your streets. We live life not just tolerate it.
Now New Orleananians are the cause of all their problems. So I decided to cover my car in New Orleans stickers then left the last one...big as day on the back. It states "welcome to Houston now go home." Obviously people were not amused but Fuck them and their fucking city. I'd rather be dead than to inhabit their souless suburbanite blighted city.

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