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Tim P.

There's just so damn many of them!

My mother cursed out a huge man (gasp! right in front of her child!) who cut her off in the Schwegmann's parking lot... I came out mostly OK. Although now I always have this urge to call people "Mother Fucker" when their car gets in front of mine.

BTW, Your post title made me pull out my old VHS tapes of "The Young Ones", great show! I've not seen them in the better part of a decade. I always wanted to be Viv.


You haven't read Jim Louis yet?
The pics are the first that I seen on his blog and they are worht 10,000 words or so . I like his sense of humor a lot. So many blogs so....


Tim, glad you caught that.

Marco, yeah, there's a surprising amount of good stuff out there.

Jim Louis

Thanks for reading.

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