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Mr. Clio

Thanks for staying on his ass.

This guy is unbelievable. Charlotte fans warned us.

Frankly, I don't care. Let 'em go. More corporate bucks for my true love, the Saints.

Benson ain't exactly great, but at least he's a yat.

Shinn's bit about God-fearing and flag-waving makes me want to vomit. Why on earth would anyone in New Orleans want to wave an American flag right now? What do we get out of the deal?

And what would he know about fearing God? Fearing law enforcement officials--that he knows something about.


Hey, you beat me to the punchline on Georgie-porgie. You obviously da man.


I'd rather watch paint dry than the Hornets, but Shinn is nonsense.


I'm an apostate. I'll take hoops over pro football any day. Sorry, guys, he said insincerely when his real intention was to stir the pot.


I realize this was not the essential point of your post, but the term "fuckmook" is brilliant. Thank you for brining it to my attention.


Actually, Slimbo, that was part of the fun. I'm especially proud that the last fuckmook links to a wav file of Johnny Depp calling the cab driver a fuckmook in Once upon a time in Mexico.


I, too, scoffed at Mister Torres, with his mgithy garbage plan for the French Quarter, his specail stink rtemover, his 30 million dollar contract & his ferrari rides down Decatur Street with Lenny Kravitz behind the wheel . the guy got it done. It works. It's clean. Hat's off to Sidney Torres, whoever he hangs out with. If his proposed Chalmation Station is anything like he claims it will be, and his claims are as accurtate as the ones he made for the French Quarter, then best of luck to him. Remember, he keeps his equipment station at Elysian Fields and Chartres so clean that Krewe du Vieux was able to hold their annual ball in it. And I concur with the above comment; I'd like to see him establish a recycling program in Orleans Parish. Go Sid.*and for the record, I have better hair.


Elspeth RavenwindI have to finalize my arravil arrangements w/the Athas' but I'll be arriving by Nola Rouge (my twee Focus) IN New Orleans around 10:30 a.m. Thursday. What a time it will be this weekend! It will be only my 3rd Mardi Gras to attend, and the first time I'm coming by myself and not w/Houston peeps. So, if anyone wants to hang out at the parades and have an extra body around to collect booty and save real estate while the potty is partaken of ring me, my number is on my FB page (under my real name). Cheers!


Myself of course! I woludn't dream of presenting a new repertoire of slices without a trial run through of every recipe, with plenty of morsels for my thorough taste testing. Masterchef today, Biggest Loser tomorrow!


Things elsewhere in the cournty may get a tad better soon though. The IEA (International Energy Association, never heard of them, just glad they exist) have agreed to pump out an extra 2 million barrels of oil a day. Along side that the US have released 30 million barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve. So, hopefully that will help stabilize prices which are going up every 6 hours in some locations.It might sound crass to be worried about gas prices while there are people living in muck and mire and dying in the streets but believe me, if prices don't stabilize things elsewhere in the cournty will get worse. Think America is the cowboy nation now? Imagine what happens when we can't get our cars to go.


Hello, I only knew Grandma Shirley for a short time, but I have a few memories. The fneniust was when she, Jeremy, our daughter Aimee and I went to dinner at Manuel's Mexican Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ. The waiter had given Aimee a balloon, and it floated over towards Grandma Shirley. It popped on the wall right behind her. It was so loud! She just about fell out of her chair laughing. We declined getting another balloon after that.During these hard times, I hope that you find comfort in her laugh.Love to you all,LoraRelationship: GranddaughterYour City: Phoenix

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