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Tell us what you really think, man. You're far too timid...


In the primary I wondered why Batt singled out Midura in his one attack ad. He had to know that would make her the obvious choice of undecided anyone but Batt voters. Since she was the only registered Democrat in the race, I figured he thought she'd be weak. I don't if he planned in advance or if the rest were unknowns, but you had to expect the Hillary Clinton bit. I suspect that party identification is what got elected over Shea in the first place.


If you saw any of the debates, you could see that Batt was the most afraid of Madura, because she didn't speak in vague generalities. She knew her stuff down pat, and had a list of facts that she just nailed Batt on. Batt had little defense at countering her facts, so he spun everything as vague attacks and such.


Hey, Professor, is used so you can keep your real address hidden from the world. Ever heard of telemarketers? ever lookup the meaning of "proxy"?

Btw, your cookie-cutter comment is spot-on, especially from someone who's using a cookie-cutter blog.


Howdy troublemaker. Yes, I'm familiar with the term proxy. As in " is doing Batt's dirty work by proxy".

Couldn't you guys find somebody in Louisiana to do this? Guess not.

Yes, I use typepad, as it's the easiest way to have some control over the content while not having to deal with too much of the html mechanics. But then, I don't mean business, like Mr. Batt does.

Glad to see it took my noticing for you guys to fill in the copyright info. Way to stay on the ball!

Why did you block me?

Sure, you can fault us for the $10 or so it costs to have anonymous domain contact info, but we can't point out how many thousands of dollars Ms. Midura's campaign spent on out-of-state consultants and support personnel. I sure hope you're teaching in a more scientific or engineering-type field, since you're reasoning skills appear to be lacking.

And, if you use typepad, then you can't comment on another's coding ability. Thanks for pointing out the bottom nav bar. The site hadn't gone fully live, and there's always some things that slip one's notice when you have to actually code the html yourself. Now you have some experience as a coding analyst, be sure to send me your payment info.


First of all, I'm pointing out the hypocrisy in the fact that your site and flyers are jumping all over Midura for spending money out of state, and you're doing the exact same thing. Does that not sound hypocritical to you?

"we can't point out how many thousands of dollars Ms. Midura's campaign spent on out-of-state consultants and support personnel" Uh...why *can't* you point it out? I thought that was your raison d'etre as a muckraking site. You have access to the state's records, do it!

"since you're reasoning skills appear to be lacking". Let me guess, oh maherajah of logic: you're an English major. Or is that "your" an Englsh major.

You aren't going to convince me that the little filling in the blanks bit is coding. Nope, not gonna happen, homes.

"The site hadn't gone fully live". Why not? You had already distributed the character assassination flyers in my neighborhood that referenced the site, I was able to view it; when was the site supposed to be considered "live"?


Gawd, Ashley! I can't believe this twirp is all defending himself and such. You must be grinning all the way to the dictionary. I looked at their website and the only names I recognized were Greg Suit, who used to work for the Saints, and Stephen Schulkins, who used to do PR for the Zoo. Is this Batt's propaganda firm? What a loser. Keep up the good work, you are obviously working on their last nerve.

Oh, by the way, the dumb-ass does not see any problem with people hiding their true addresses and identities. Neither do I. UNLESS THEY ARE TRYING TO INFLUENCE THE ELECTION OF A PUBLIC SERVANT. Gee, why can't you just relax and listen to what people say without knowing who they are, Ashley?


Uh...dangerblond...confession time. They didn't put that link to in there.

I did.

See, they had the cute little signature of "why did you block me". I could have said, "because I don't care about hearing your drivel", but actually it was "because I know you'd post again, this time with a traceable IP address".

And they did. Traceable straight to "The Ehrhardt Group".

Check out

Look at the format of that page. Look familiar? Say, similar to


I didn't see any of their forums, not my district, wasn't aware of them ever being on TV. They will however be on channel 6 (WDSU, 7 on cable) at 10:30 tonight, if you didn't already know.


Good job, Ash, you've fingered the wrong people and noticed a similarity between two unrelated website designs. If you must know and since you appear to be a burgeoning html coder, check out Crystal Graphics for some good templates.


Thanks for letting me back to your little domain. And, thanks for the English grammar lesson.


Hey, Blondie, when you get your head clear from law school exams, trot on over to if you're so hot to learn who's part of what PAC. Here's another link with those groups that have already been scanned in to the system:


Now THAT'S a great pic, Mr. Morris. I must apologize for assuming you were female; the name threw me off.

Reading a little about you explains why you're so vexed by the out-of-towner comments. Chill, man.


I voted for Midura today! I hope that others will join in my crusade to rid the city of this porky bastard.

Mark Folse

The real question is who is Troublemaker and his friends, and why are they hiding behind a proxy registry? People with ties to campaigns really shouldn't be allowed to do that. But the slimey and ballless will always find a way, won't they?


If you go to any of our websites, it's not too hard to figure out who we are. I put my website on all comments that I post, so that if anyone wants to engage in dialog with me they can. It's so funny that that there is soooooo much white space between the Troublemaker and the nearest clue. Well, actually, it's not funny.


I can just see Mr. Batt now... with those nice teeth..sitting behind his screen signing on as

Timothy M. Ruppert

I know Shelley personally, and she's a good person, a lady with a heart and a head, who has already done so much work for this city on a volunteer basis, someone who will represent the best interest of the city and the citizens. I could go on and on but all you need to know is that she's a real person, not a politically connected or PAC-funded mouthpiece like so many of our so-called "representatives." Vote for Shelley and you'll be pleased with the results.
Thanks for defending her, Ashley.


If Troublemaker is bothering with Ashley's blog, then the Batt campaign must be really worried (not that Mr. Morris isn't a force to be reckoned with, but hey folks, it's a blog, after all). The Stop Shelley PAC, according to the LA SoS Corporations database, basically consists of Christopher Kim Carver and Adrian Bruneau. I don't know much about the folks under various NO political rocks, but a Google search turns up this little gem from Mr. Bruneau (a.k.a. Coldwarrior):

It's freakishly funny in light of recent events, especially when he lauds Bush for the creation of the homeland security department. You know, the folks who brought us FEMA. I dunno if these two whackaloons are well-known in political circles, but if they're using Hillary Clinton as a boogeyman, they may want to go back to Campaigns 101.

Account Deleted

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Carlos May

Thanks, Ashley. Batt was running again here in 2010, and outspent the other candidate, reformer Susan Guidry, about 2 to 1... but Batt got less than 38% of the vote.

I posted a link to this article on Facebook (the LiveJournal of 2010) on relevent forums before the election, so once again you've done your part to help. Thanks again!

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