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You beat me to the punch, man. I'm more pro-Fielkow every day. Jackie's gotta go.


Back in the day, the back parking lot of Woodland Presbyterian was a great place to park the car with your girlfriend and make out. I almost lost my virginity there once.

I did not yell "I'm gonna finish, Frances!" and then storm out, though.


Arnie and his family are very nice people and anyone who calls him an SOB is a degenerate.

Shut it, Jackie.


Jackie has given a great part of her life to this city and arnie is an opportunistic asshole, he and his family may be nice people but when it comes to politics, nice has nothing to do with it!! Arnie should be honored to have been in Jackie's shadow!!! You never know, he may really be a SOB!!!


Uh Sabrina, I think you need to get back on the meds.


Since Arnie was fired from the Saints, least we forget, maybe they thought he was an SOB?
Jackie will always be a better leader than Arnie. For the record, a comment containing "SOB" was never made. Contact the writer, they will tell you.

Know the truth.



Ella, you're a year late and a dollar short.


Ashley, who moved the rock? Check the papers. Shes running again...


Ella, the conversation on this kinda moved to the "virginia boulet is evil" post.


Cynthia W-Lewis is no better. She is a career politician. It's about time she get's a new campaign picture too, she must be 20 years old on the one that she puts up year after year. Listen to her closely as she talks, I really believe she is crazy!


So does this mean that AM is supporting Jackie Clarkson? She'd better because it's the only choice for a better City. {And, yes, I know Clarkson comes in for plenty criticism, but it's still true, she's the only choice for those who care about improving New Orleans}.

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