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Christ, I am disappointed. I was pretty impressed with her during the primary debates, she seems like a bright woman with some really good ideas. I dont get her and Couhig supporting Nagin....


They're just whores betting at the track and hoping that a long odds horse will come in so they can add some ostrich feathers to their bonnets. It's too bad. Boulet did have some good ideas, and I would have absolutely backed her in some position in a future administration. I didn't think she had the "oomph" to be Mayor but some of her ideas made a lot of sense. Couhig I detested immediately and I'm amazed at his endorsement of Nagin. He had no credibility with me from day one, she did though. I'm most disappointed by her endorsement. I had thought better of her.

Mr. Clio

Guilty, as charged.

Cheesh was I wrong. Wrong. Wrong.


Well, according to the T-P, "Boulet has been hard at work on several projects for the Nagin administration, including refining the city's emergency-preparedness plan and crafting a plan to turn a shuttered public housing development into a new subdivision."

Maybe that was her crackerjack idea to bulldoze Iberville and move UNO there. Except, if you remember her talking about this in the debates, she wouldn't come right out and say "get rid of the projects."

I mean, I agree that New Orleans public housing has serious problems, and they can't just go back to the way they were, but obliterating them to make way for developers like Pres Kabacoff and $800,000 condos doesn't solve those problems.

"Boulet also said Nagin had promised her a spot on his city recovery authority, a not-yet formed group which he envisions overseeing city government's attempts to help New Orleans rebound from Katrina."

So, the ol' quid pro quo at work.


*hangs head* I am sooooo very disappointed in Boulet.

Guess one can't always pick a good apple.


True, Nagin was appealing to his base, lekily at a time when he needs all the support he can get, and I see nothing wrong with saying that New Orleans should be rebuilt.Using a word like "chocolate" isn't insane, just stupid.But declaring that the hurricanes are God's vengeance on America? Yes, I think that qualifies as insane.I.e., out of his mind.

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