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In the words of Monty Python: "And, now it's time for something COMPLETELY different."


That's Jeb's daughter you're talking about. Her uncle did similar shit and got elected president.


Oh, and this [] made me think of you.

God, I miss HST.


I mean:


That's just freaking trbeirle. But wow, Dr. Phil. You're famous. I know someone famous! Sorry, back to the issue. It is awful and my intention is to see what we can donate to help. We don't have money, but we can surely help some how. It's not right that the attention only goes to people the news finds interesting and not people that need attention.And speaking of attention, I gave you 3 blog awards. Receive with honor, but don't feel the need to go through the rules charade unless you really want to.Katie's last blog post..


Hurray! She and D met us at the BERG after-party where my husband and D got along faomusly. She, meanwhile, was laughingly saying that she was going to look like a Hindi Rock Star in her red sari and more gold than Ft. Knox has in their vaults.What a delightful image and what delightful news!


You probably won't spirurse you to hear I knew nothing about this. If it isn't good for ratings, if there is nothing to sensationalize, if you're the red-headed step-child' city or state, you don't exist to the national media. CTalley has a great point. Where are the candidates? What are they doing, saying, promising these areas that are still suffering?Tara R.'s last blog post..

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