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Mr. Clio

World Class Goober?

Here's the question:

If ten mimes got into a rumble with ten fleurs-de-lis, who would win?

The obvious answer: the emergency room, taking care of all the witnesses who had to be admitted for nearly laughing themselves to death at the sight.

Mr. Clio

Also, picked the goofiest-looking pic to lead on their webpage. But it fit perfeclty with the headline above it: "Revenue Troubles Confront New Orleans."




"If ten mimes got into a rumble with ten fleurs-de-lis, who would win?"

Man, can I play for the fleurs-de-lis? Can I can I can I? I'm tired of captaining the mime team. They don't respond well to verbal instruction.

Oh, and See-Ell, why do you think I picked that picture? Heh heh heh.


Hey Will, Jessica, Ericka Marc thanks so much for each of your pitoicaparitn. It really was a great weekend, and I appreciate everything each of you did as well as everyone else.Can't wait until next year and for more events like this in the near future.chris


The name game is horrible. Just wait until you have to pick out a name for your child and your haunsbd say things like What about Conseula? (That honestly happened) But, I love the name Olive! It's cute.


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