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Wow, that's hate. What did the people of OKC do to YOU???

ashley Morris

Well, first, they're trying to take advantage of a hurricane and a flood in order to steal an NBA team from us. Perhaps you may consider that mere capitalism, but I consider it going to a funeral and hitting on the widow.

Second, my hatred isn't directly aimed at OKC nearly as much as at Shinn himself.


OMG! are you oblivious to what actually happened in New Orlean? Did you miss the whole Katrina event? the team had no where to play. do you think that a basketball team functions for free. They had to re-locate or die. can you see that now! they are back home in New Orleans...ass!
George is a smart man. If they wouldn't have done the temporary move there would be NO New Orleans NBA team at all. have a little foresight or at least consider the facts of destruction all around Your hatred shows just how ignorant you really are. shmuck!


Hey Stewie! Love your work. So glad they brought the show back. the blog. Look at all the posts on Shinn, and try, in your own special way, to comprehend it.

And I'll get liprap to teach you how to spell 'schmuck'.

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