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Everyone already has voted!

Now we're drinking.

I consider one and all should look at it.

I found a great deal of helpful information above!


Jeff,Always enjoy your pics. We were not able to attend this cirnrovetsoal game but listened on the radio. Games like these bring back too many heart breaking memories. Two years later and I still can't bring myself to watch Taylor's final game. Taylor and I were talking about his senior year in their last playoff game against Everman where they too would have won had it not been for bad calls by the refs. Such a hard lesson for these boys to learn about life not being fair. I know it's difficult watching your daughters dance their last dance as a Stingerette. How blessed they all are to have experienced such coaches as Gillespie, Wilson and Copeland and of course Sherri Evans! And we had such fun capturing those memories too!!


No one ever has any empathy for me when I'm sick - ulnses I am in the hospital. In January 2008, in a severe winter storm, a tree fell onto my car, en route to work, and totaled it. I was a block from San Francisco General and my office at the hospital so the paramedics took me to the ER there. Everyone was amazed I wasn't killed. My son, Jeremy, came by to pick me up and commented, "Mom, you look pretty good - maybe you can go in and do a half a day!"

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