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Madrid, too.


Yeah, I heard that as well. And Ron needs to stop with the hairdye. Between that and the grease, his head looks like it could supply America's energy needs for the next ten years.


Ron's beginning to make Mitch look good. This worries me as I tend to stay away from the Landrieu political machine and anything connected with Blanco.


Voting for a Republican in order to avoid political machines doesn't seem like a winning strategy. And Forman's the stealth Republican in this race.

I'm a Mitch supported just 'cause I'm hot for his sister.


Ray, that's my dirty little secret, too.


I didn't say I was voting for Ron, I just can't see myself voting for Mitch, either. Yeah, Mitch is actually beginning to look a lot better. And I don't have the hots for his sister, who scares me with her almost conservative decisions, quite frankly.


Maitri, I understand your dilemma. The whole family in politics thing is not reassuring in any way. However, the things I have heard Mitch say and the things I have seen him do impress me, much more than the things I've seen from any other candidate.

If Mitch's last name were not Landrieu, I think you may support him. Unfortunately, if his last name were not Landrieu, I don't know if he would be considered a favorite to get the Black vote.

And Forman is just unacceptable, period.


This reminds me of Spiro Agnew's legendary observation: "The United States, for all its faults, is still the greatest nation in the country."


Yes, I have heard people saying that Mitch Landrieu is more politics, Louisiana-style. I disagree. The Landrieus have not been "in power" since the 1960s, New Orleans' last period of great progress. The Lt. Governor is someone who goes around crowning beauty-queens. Mary Landrieu is sitting in the US Senate simply because the LA Republican party ran a scary, freaky religious fanatic against her the first time (remember Woody Jenkins? I certainly do. Even the uneducated populace of Louisiana didn't elect that lunatic, but Mary only won by 5,000 votes). I follow Louisiana political scandals very closely, and I never have to wait long for a new one, and I have never heard the Landrieu family implicated in self-dealing or corruption. Suzanne Haik-Terrell (hey, where is she when we need help?) tried to make a big deal out of Mary Landrieu's house in Washington, but everyone knows her husband, Frank Snellings, is wealthy and seemed to get that way without any government sweetheart deals brokered by his in-laws. The Morials, the Jeffersons, Sherman Copelin, the Edwardses, Jay Batt and most of the incumbent city council, and the Louisiana Legislature with the single exception of Ken Hollis - now THAT's old politics Louisiana-style.


Undecidedman makes some excellent ptoins on his blod, linked above.At the same time, some undecided voters got through making their decision at an earlier point, and no longer need time to work on that decision. Of course, then they're no longer, undecided'.I would also point out that Undecidedman's interpertation of Mister Sedaris's column is strictly his own. It never once appeared to me that he portrayed these slow-to-choose voters as idiots, so much as he portrayed one set of candidates as worse, a position I wholeheatedly agree on.At this point, when we have one set of candidates struggling to stay in the game by slinging hate and trying to impune the integrity of the other one, and doing so as HIS ONLY CAMPAIGN STANCE, I must admit, Choosing The Chicken becomes par for the course.In closing, anyone who takes David Sedaris's column to heart as serious political commentary should go back and read Me Talk Pretty Someday'. If you ever get done laughing, you'll have forgotten all about McShame and the haters, and the finer side of American Dementia will stay with you long after the smell of the Other Entree' has been forgotten.


M Styborski What can I say? The existance of voeics like yours that bring the rest of us back to reality is why I read blogs in the first place. And, as a complete non-sequitor, I took my kids to the costume shop last weekend to find Marx Brothers outfits (my eldest wants to be Harpo, my youngest Groucho). Who are the Marx Brothers? was the question I got from more than one counter person. It seemed tangentially relevant.UDM


I've already told my two Senators that they'd betetr vote AGAINST the healthcare, or say goodbye to their jobs. Won't do much good, Murray is a barking moonbat and Cantwell is a latte-sipping Seattleite goober.Maybe I should remind Landreau who signs her paychecks as well?Worth a try anyway.Igor


Why is Ms. Rosenthal on national TV, going off on President Obama? He was not in ofifce and had nothing to do with the debauchery of the flooding relief efforts in New Orleans.That is a bit arrogant for here to go after the current president with such ferocity! Why didn't she go after George W. Bush, whom was in ofifce and responsible for the failures of FEMA?

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