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Fitch N. DarDar

Just finished my commentary on the same topic. As my entry implies, it is strictly a monetary decision. It doesn't matter that broadcast communication is a popular and historically-significant major on campus. The broadcast sequence doesn't make any money. That's my experience in higher ed.


It's a sad trend that colleges these days are going down the "turn a profit" business path.

Administrators seem to be shifting from the student earns the degree through hard work to "the student is the customer" and the customer comes first. So only the "customers" that help the bottom line the most get to stay and the others, well, RIP Loyola programs, too.

Fitch N. DarDar

"The student is the customer." Fuck them. It's going to be their justification to dump liberal arts and humanities from the core curriculum in upcoming years. The "customers" are going to say, "Why the fuck should I be forced to read Plato and Aristotle? I just want an accounting degree so I can get a job." (no offense to accountants intended)

You know that's where it's headed. I'm already starting to see that mentality creep in where I teach.

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I am a Loyno parent. My son is an English/Writing major. Personally, I was shocked to see that their fine Communication Studies (which includes Film and Advertising) department was scheduled for the axe. This particular cut seems out of place with the rest. There is a period of time set aside for input.

We have patents, so I am often negotiating license agreements. When we draft an agreement, we often intentionally put in provisions that we fully intend to "give up" just so the other party will think they have gained something. I am hoping (perhaps in vain) that Father Wildes' inclusion of th Communication Studies program is a similar strategic device.


The only things I know people have gone to Loyola to study (besides Law) are music and communications which I'm sure is linked to broadcast journalism and both are being cut. What's left over there?


Loyno alum here, 98, biology. Was I the only one who thought the students signs in Roussell (Or was it in Nunemaker?) were hilarious. I saw "Use the Endowement," "What the Fuck?" and my favorite "Don't make me go to LSU!"

Loyola employee

I liked "Cut Education? That's Unpossible!!"


And I have been to guest lectures where the spkeear gives no humor whatsoever they are the most boring pieces of crap you can see or hear. Phil has been speaking similarly to people in interviews his entire career. I've been into Pantera since 1993 I recall every single interview with him doing the same delivery arrogance that I saw, read or heard in that time. He is saying little things to get the reaction he was looking for or else he would be looking pretty annoyed.


You sounded good toghint Phil , he replied What just toghint? . Just kidding man, thanks I appreciate it. Phil puts it on sometimes just to be funny. Other times I think a mix of southern accent, long thought processes and a little arrogance may make him sound more arrogant than he is. Don't mix confidence with arrogance either, and this is a man with a lot of confidence.

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