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Tim P.

Chicago sucks, doesn't it? Especially the shitty-ass suburbs... I was forced to attend high school in the godforsaken land of Chicagoland... I'm very lucky I didn't grow up to be (more) psycho. Oakland is slightly better, I get less "looks" for being impassioned about something in public or having an opinion, but people here are still pretty rude and indifferent. It was wonderful to be back home last month, even for only a week, and fit right in; it was like breathing air again.

Ashley, consider yourself very lucky to live in the greatest city that the US has ever had the good fortune to own. There are "tolerable" places around the country, but nothing has ever approached our home. Ever. Period. Paragraph.

I can't even begin to tell you what your blog and others like it have meant to those of us scattered around America... it's like a lifeline to reality.

Although, you have a potty mouth and an awful lot of white make-up.


I wasn't born & raised in N.O. but have lived here the past 28 years so to me it is home. It felt like home the first 24 hours I was here. I cannot even imagine living anywhere else and don't plan to. I am here for the long haul! It's so encouraging to hear a young man's viewpoint with so much soul! Thanks for posting it, Ashley!


Ashley //

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Loved the mailbag routine. The electronic stuff is much more reliable than the service in 70115 fur sure, dude.

My headline for this post:


If only I could bring myself to use an exclamation point it would be perfect...



I was amazing to meet you, the lovely Mrs., and your beautiful children. You are a lucky fellow. To be surrounded with such love and beauty is a blessing.

I look forward to many a Saints game with you! Thanks for joining the hood!

I hear we should pack up some red wine and gouda to view some paintings?

Marco Romano

Solid post and e-mail. It makes me wanna' move. The City makes you her own and that's the key.
If you think Chicago's bad, try Albany NY. I would be out more if (plus the reasons you mention in your post)I lived in a place where people actually stop and talk to you. If rentals ever become affordable, I'm going to look into the 4 month option. I might have to settle for a boat though.


So, I guess that means you wouldn't be interested in my bentwood beavertail showshoes, with nice new polls and quick release soft bindings? I'm trying to find a home for them. I can throw in a pair of size 10 Rocky Minus 40s.

Mr. Clio

Section 635 will be the center of the universe.


Well said! Now back to hassling attorneys...


Aaron: me, or you?
Mr. Clio: yes, indeedy
Mark: sorry, no
Marco: 'mon down!
Berto: you as have a lot awaiting you in the next few months. Now drop by and let us give you baby swag!

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