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Wow, you're a perky fucker tonight. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum after Quentin finished 4th in District B. The man's a lunatic albeit a lovable one...

humid haney

I am feeling alright about it all. Wish more people had the guts for change and breaking from the old-school ways we have embraced and has dragged us down these past few decades.

Any change is good though. Now we need to keep everyone's feet to the fire.


I think you're right oh Humid one. I caught our mutual friend's mood last night. It looks bad today as opposed to *very* bad. Hey, at least Batt may go down and I have an IQ assessor.


Don't congratulate Minyard too much, when people coming into St. Gabriel with bullet holes in their heads are having their deaths classified as "unclassified" there's something wrong with that.

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