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I want to vote for the right person but I also do not want a wasted vote and have Nagin get elected because I thought I was voting for the right person. I did that once and we ended up George W for President.
Until Saturday night my vote was going for Ron Foreman because he has the ability to turn coal into a diamond. But several folks who know the ins and outs of the candidates schooled me. So whom does that leave Mitch? I don’t want to see another professional politician in there.

Marco Romano

How many other fucking cities have produced so many good musicians and music? Sure there's KC, St. Louis, Chicago, NYC but...
{like Earl King's "Big Chief'!! Turn it up!}

Even though I don't live there man, some of your posts get my anger broiling. I can see the effect you have on fellow NO people. Keep up the pressure.


Thanks for the plug, big mon. I'm gonna quote you in my blog tomorrow in an orgy of narcissim...

ashley Morris

It's a plug Adrastos, but it's true.

Chomps: Dunno what to tell you, but I don't think anybody will pull over 50% in the primary. However, my guess is that it will be either Nagin/Forman or Nagin/Landrieu, and that Nagin will lose the runoff.

So, if I'm right, no matter who you vote for, you'll get to vote against Nagin in the runoff.

Mr. Clio

I'm going to a Virginia Boulet meet-the-candidate gig at a friend's house tomorrow. Post a comment on a blog if anybody's interested in going. We'll get in touch.

I'm still torn between Mitch and Boulet. I'm not as down on Forman as you guys are, except for one thing: the people who are so excited about him. You know, the "smart" people with (inherited) wealth that makes them so smart.


Love the diagram. Venn diagrams in general are brilliant, and that one in particular is quite lovely.


"After 7+ months of being the best investigative newspaper in the country"

Try a week and a half. They thought that the failure of small firms to get FEMA contracts was a human interest story until an AP reporter asked some obvious questions. My Nov. 8 post might have been a little too strong, but not by much.

Oh, CHOMPS, I hate to keep harping on it, but Forman turned a diamond into a bigger diamond.


I love it! The "Thanks, Houston" bumpersticker joke is priceless.

I'm thinking about K-Doe for Mayor. You know, at least he won't say anything stupid to the national press.



ashley morris

Tim, I think K-doe may say something goofy to the press. He is still the emperor of the universe, you know.

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