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Mr. Clio

Your Venn diagram would apply to Ms. Head's support base as well.


Disappointed in the fucklessness of this post. Was the bourgeois air of the LoWV guide so powerful that you couldn't even manage a "cocksucker" or two?


Ashley, Did you watch the mayoral debate last night? What did you think about Watson? Just curious.


Savvy, my thoughts were echoed by Sidney Barthelemey. Watson had several opportunities to really shine, and he didn't use them. I don't know if he was trying to play safe or what, but when you're second tier, you can't play safe.

And Ray, contrary to popular belief, I am not Al Swearingen. Usually.

Mr. Clio

"Association with Bill Jefferson." I heard (at a Stacy Head event--hang my head in shame, but I didn't vote for her) that Pratt lives with Jefferson's brother. Is this the case?

Kelli Johnson

Before you start posting negatives on candidates you should get your facts straight. Stacy Head is in no way affiliated with the Jefferson's. In fact, check out Renee Gill-Pratt's website - she is endorsed by Bill and Jamila. While Duplantier seems to be smart, and is certainly a huge improvement from Pratt, what has he actually done to help the city. Yes, Duplantier has served on a lot of boards and committees, but has he rolled his sleeves up and actually tried to make a difference for the community as a whole.

You indicate that Stacy Head renovated and flipped houses all for profit. However, what you don't state is the real reason she started doing it. I heard her talk about it at a meet and greet in the Irish Channel. She began doing it about 5 or 6 years ago, because there was a huge problem with crime in her neighborhood. Instead of giving in and moving out of New Orleans, she bought blighted (and I mean blighted - she had before and after pictures) and renovated them on her own. She literally tore out sheetrock, sanded floors, etc. And yes, while she may have made a profit, so what? You can't expect people to do it for free. What she did do, is sell most of the homes to first time, low to middle income homeowners who may not have been able to afforded it otherwise. Also, she began doing this long before she ever decided to run for office, so to say she has a "token sec.8" tennant is B.S. That's the way you help communities.

Yes, she did get the Republican endorsement. However, as she said, she has been a registered democrat her entire life and to me the Republican endorsement shows that she is capable of working with everyone, which is desparately needed in the City Council. And, big deal if she uses the same political consultant as Ron Forman. Apparently she is smart enough to hire the best - she is leading in the polls.

Finally, it seems to me that we need a council person who is willing to actually "do" something for District B, not just chair some committee. Stacy Head is that person.



As a result of your comment, I removed the hearsay quote from Quentin Brown.

However, I fully stick by the rest of the piece.

Kudos to Ms. Head for making big bucks flipping houses. Nice way to make some money, especially in this city. However, her website makes it sound like she's doing this for charity. Bullshit. I understand her motives for getting into it, but the website makes it sound as though this is community service, and there is no profit involved.

As my post said, I find some things troublesome: mainly, the tie in between her avocation as a developer, and her support for eminent domain. Post-K, that gives her a license to "renovate" anything she wants.

As for the remark about "hiring the best" Republican consultant, well, I believe that you're either with your registered party, or you aren't. Couhig is a Republican, and I have no qualms whatsoever whith that. Stacy and Forman are Democrats letting Republicans run their campaigns. "The Best"? So, you're saying, if Karl Rove were available, she should hire him?

Oh, and Kelli, nice fake email address. Troll.


Why is it that any time someone dares to criticize Stacy Head they're called a liar? That sounds like a Bush-Rove tactic to me. Smear and run.

Nathan Chapman

If you're interested in where the Mayoral and At Large Candidates (as well as District C) stand on Neighborhood issues, there is great in-depth non-partisan data at

It was created by a group of neighborhood leaders from across the city. It truly does not push any specific candidate. Can you give us a plug? We're just trying to get the information out there! Thank you!



Humid Haney is da man. Or is it Mr FYYFF? Hard to decide...


What do you mean ?


Cecilia, these are beautiful! I can see that your going to have your hands full.. :) eaesciplly with three so close in age! So sorry your feeling exhausted and in pain at the end of the day. Hugs, prayers and blessings over you and your pregnancy!!

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