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See, I figured someone more articulte than I would be the calm and rational grown-up. Or not.

It's time to foment open revolution, I think. We haven't hed a good coup for ages. HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS CHICKENSHIT OUTFIT?

Mr. Clio

I need you to write a screenplay for me, a film starring Lee de Fleur.


If everyone in South Louisiana had your articulate anger, things would start happening faster.
I sent a little nasty note to Bay "Baywatch" Buchanan. Keep it on boil.


He's baaaaaaaack. Reading this gave me a caffeine jolt, big man.

Glad you haven't completely reformed you reprobate you.

Hmmm, this was sort of your Incredible Hulk post...


Wow, that felt good just reading it. It must have felt good to say it.


God, that was fantastic. *lights up a smoke*

Tim P.

Yay! I just love me some trash-talkin' Ashley in the morning.


Freakin' A right Ashley!

Loma Prieda, Northridge, NYC 9/11... the Gov'ment rushed to their rescue. Where are they for the Gulf Coast? (They did get the petro stuff flowing and the Port working.)

If America is truly tired of hearing about our plight along the Coast, Fuck Them! (Twice, and no lube)

I talk to people here... see into their eyes. They are hurting and many see no hope. Maybe there is no hope.

We had one of the truist expressions of Culture here on the Coast. Our culture, all kinds of folks, and Amerika can't have that: we violate their rules. We aren't Stepford people.

It's time to make the PTB wake up and smell the coffee. It's time for a little rebellion.

Jefferson stated in 1803 that New Orleans was the greatest danger to the U.S.: It's time to prove that.



Secession. I've been arguing it for months, and I'm serious.


Wow, if enough people read you, we are so freakin' dead in the "Water".

Anyway, here's a little something from CNN.

I for one think I shall stay out of Houston or if I must visit, pass my New Orleans accent off as the "Bronx"

Banzai Bill

You captured my feelings and thoughts exactly. Incredible post. If we could just leave the "union," develop diplomatic relations with other countries willing to help us out, and do things our way, we would make this "a better place" (James Booker in the background).

Viva Nola, Washington, DC

Say that dere!!! No one understands the Gulf Coast plight like people from there. No one else gives two hoots. They ask if your family's alive and they keep it moving. They don't care if the city you're from that is still a major part of your life and made you the person you are, the place where your Entire family is from, the place you hope to return to someday that has more importance to this country than they understand, they don't care that this place is fighting for its life. And if it is allowed to die, a part of you will die with it. They Do not understand that at-all!!!! It's because they don't know what it's like to be from a unique Place. And I'm fed up with it.

Thank you for your post. I'm right there with you.


Oh Ashley, New Orleans über alles? Deutschland hat in eine kleine Schwierigkeit erhalten das letzte mal das ausdrückt wurde benutzt. I'm with you though, I think there are quite a few people who could use a good kick in the teeth. Maybe two or three kicks. And a curbstomp. You know, just a little communication by action.


Coincidentally, did you know it's illegal to call a product or a service number one, or "the best" in Germany? Almost anything that implies "superiority," for some odd reason or the other. All the companies take advantage of a loophole though - the law only prohibits those phrases in German, so they all put them in English when they advertise, which every German speaks at least rudimentarily. But this is all a digression from the point.


Ashley, now I can have taken over my role as 'Bitchmama' I'll just let u do all the talking...


opps.I mean 'Bitchdaddy' mistake..............


Aaron: "a curbstomp"?

Damn! That brings back a real disturbing image from American History X.

Unfortunately, that's about all that will get their attention right now.

They're fatigued, you know...


Everybody in the country is sick of your infantile bitching. Towns get fucked up by hurricanes all the time, but nobody else expects the rest of the country to pay for the cleanup. Never in my life have I heard the kind of bitching that's been coming from people in New Orleans and you didn't even get the worst of it. I haven't heard anybody from Mississippi moaning about how the federal government should throw money at them. Grow up.


Harry, you stupid cocksucker. Shut the fuck up when you don't know what you're talking about.

All we expect is what we deserve, what the rest of the country gets. We expect them to rebuild the levees. If they had built them to THEIR OWN SPECS to begin with, then we wouldn't have this conversation.

Oh, and nice fake email address. Fuckmook.

karen boudreaux

our professor turned my class onto your web log. As a New Orlenas local I have to say you speak the truth and in fantastic style. Amen brother

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