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Mr. Clio

Section 635 of the Louisiana Superdome is now officially the Center of the Universe.


"Thanks Houston. We owe you. Have some beads."


Did it really happen?

We still have Reggie Bush on the roster today, too?


That Mickey really wants his job to succeed!


Mr Clio I am sorry to inform that while 635 may be the Center of The Universe, section 680 is where the party is at. Pork Chop Section since 2002. Home to


I think CHOMPS forgot to take his Ritalin again this morning. Section 630, Row 8 is the correct spot where we all sit. We should have a NOLA bloggers halftime meetup in the middle.


Oooh can I visit? I'm not officially a "NOLA" blogger but I've been a die hard fan since, since I can remember. My seester and I travel to a game every year, except that one time I had major surgery. I know lame excuse, but hey.

Mr. Clio

Agreed. Price of admission to the 630/635 summit will be that you must have drinks in each hand.

Mr. Clio


That is a lame excuse. Tulane Hospital is reopened and is only blocks away from the Dome. Next time, get the surgery and then get over to the Dome in time for kickoff. Saints trainers are available for any additional needs.


...and the "Huge Ass Beer" will suffice as a local anesthetic.


Um, yes it is conservative and there is nohntig wrong with having beliefs in family, country and God. My strongest conservative belief is personal responsiblity . And I believe that the spread the wealth recipients should be more appreciative of their conservative bretheren. How else do they expect to have any pockets to pick from? My wife and I are proud to be conservative and we believe in America, the constitution and the Bill of Rights. We only pray that the far left of the Democratic party doesn't take our beloved country so far to the left that all of the eyes glazed-over koolaid drinkers fall off the cliff into the next level of the left. Social Sciences describe the Social Democrat as only a step away from Socialist then to Marxist then to Communist. Why else did Obama's campaign offices have Che Guerra hanging on their walls? Wait and see that's what we do now Wait and see . Obama has already started his pick and the Democratic Party leaders are starting their attacks on those that opposed them.Maybe this is a good time for all you Obama-nuts to look at history. Who was the enforcer wing of the democratic party back in the 1800s? Look at the roots of the democratic party and you will be shocked and amazed at where this liberal party sprang up from. Look at how they used those enforcers and watch how today's democrats will resort to similiar tactics.And speaking of Lincoln who freed the slaves, what party was he with again? Wait and see it is a good thing that there is not a fillibuster proof congress. Watch for Pelosi and Reid and emergency powers act . Wait and see .We will still be here to come to the defense of those that were mislead. And don't go talkin' you're shmack 'bout ole Bush. Like Obama, Bush had to pick up with the mess left by the guy before him. And anyone with an ounce of common sense should realize that an economy like ours take more than one president and eight years to screw it up. That turd's been brewing for a long time and many are guilty of it. Just be honest with yourselves. Wait and see


Angela - WOW!!! I got to your blog from the link on Snippet and Ink. I can't believe I've never been here beofre. I also can't believe how beautiful this set is.


Hey, I dont know what 2 write. We really didnt kno eahctoher. U kno dat I have da biggest crush on u n at 1st I was sad 2 c u leave. Im proud dat u had da courage to leap out on faith. We all can take a page from ur book. B safe work hard n keep God 1st.


I *just* picked up a Honeybaked ham from the store in Vestavia (man, those folks know how to move poeple through a line!) and I'm making my corn-bread dressing-and-gravy, a green-bean casserole for my hubby George who specifically asked for one, and I'm thinking I might make a squash casserole also. Mmmmm, I can hardly wait 'til Thanksgiving!

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