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I don't know - I see the experience of renovating blighted properties as a plus; it's a HUGE issue in District B (Central City.) I could see a conflict of interest if she were developing NEW commercial properties that require zoning changes - as it is, renovation does not typically require Council attention (unless you want to override an HDLC restriction.) Plus, she's come down on the side of limiting Council involvement in zoning affairs (along with every other candidate except Ms. Gill-Pratt.)

And the Republican endorsement - well, I guess they figured they had to endorse SOMEONE. There's a lot of Republicans in District B and they're entitled to support whomever they like. Absent evidence to the contrary, I'm not going to assume there's some quid pro quo lurking out there.


RCS, if you're a developer, then by all means, support Ms. Head. I do not see her as representative of the PRC ideals. Ideally, in a PRC type restoration, the rehabilitator lives in the house.

And in some races, the Republicans did not endorse anyone. Her endorsement came as a direct result of having Kearney as a strategist.


I cannot judge the person even if I met him personally by what he wears.


You can't definitely judge a person by what he wears. If that is the case then what will be your basis in your judgment then.


Ain't nothing wrong with it. I myself is free to express my self with the clothes that I am wearing.


I went back into the app to look at it, and had better luck. I think oniliragly, I had no events pulling back into the Editor Part. I probably just didn't change the dropdown list to have it refresh the part and go grab the data. Silly mistake, but now that I did that, your part is working like a charm! Now, I just need the staff to start entering addresses into the event records! :O)Thanks again for a great add-on, and all your help.

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