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I agree with just about all of your choices. I think the choices are obvious.


oh yeah. District C: Jane Booth


OK. I'll take your word on that one, Chomps.


Other predictions: Gill-Pratt in run-off; Willard-Lewis in run-off with Nolan Marshall; Ray/Mitch in run-off. Boulet, Forman, Watson will back Mitch in May. I'm going to go out on a limb with this one, but Delsavo wins the sheriff's position with more than 51% of the vote/no run-off with Gusman. I thinks it has to be pretty bad for Gusman if PANO isn't backing him.


Congratulations! I knew at the state pageant that you would resrepent us well at the national level. As a judge I was so impressed with your skills and abilities. Bev and I are so sorry we were not able to be in Las Vegas to celebrate with you and the Nebraska family due to family circumstances. We have been yelling, screaming and cheering over your success. Our best wishes to you. We are so proud of you. Have a great year!With affection,Bev and Dave HansenSparks, Nevada

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