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Fiesta ... at the Fiesta, I remember that! I really miss the Biloxi of my childhood - Wet Willie's water slide, this nameless place on the beach that had the BEST stuffed mushrooms I ever had - but it's gone now - there is (was) some goofy-ass looking casino barge there now.

Remind me again, why did Mississippi legalize casino gambling? Vague memory here - something to do with revenues, helping improve education. Let's see, the casinos have been around a while now, has Mississippi moved out of the bottom 3 states in education yet?

Mark Folse

That's been the story of Florida, hurricanes as urban renewal for wealthy developers.

If they destory Mississippi with all of their new found federal largess, well, I feel ambivalent, even though I have family in Waveland. They're not sure what they're doing. This is the second time in living memory they've lost everything. That's tough.

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