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I'm coming to N.O. this weekend but I am so broken up about Tulane right now. I had wanted to show my kids around campus - but, if there's no engineering or Newcomb, there's no way I'll let 'em attend - ever.

Of course that assumes I have any control over them - ha ha, but I won't help them pay for it!


Every greedy bastard with an agenda, megalomaniac who knows he's right, and merely impatient administrator who doesn't like answering questions suddenly has a free rein. Tulane's just the biggest example. It's pretty widespread. Of course Cowen's in a league of his own. Can't just mess up his own school, he has to get involved with the few decent public schools (will Fraklin or McMain or Audubon be next)and his dean of architecture has to impose his "vision" on the city's rebuilding. Does Tulane's board tend to rubberstamp?

Carrie Guevara

The only school that Ed and I have ever had any desire to prepare our daughters for is Newcomb. Scott Cowen need his IQ checked. He must be mentally delayed because his "plans" have no sense of logic whatsover. Either that or he's just plain evil. What ever the case may be - this kind of damage needs to be stopped before families such as mine are left with no real reason to move back.


McMain's the only New Orleans Public School left from that list in comment 2. Franklin's a charter and I don't think Montessori ever was NOPSS. The only reason they are letting NOPSS keep McMain is because it wasn't underperforming before the storm, like five of hundreds (Franklin was also performing well above, but chose to get out from NOPSS stranglehold). I think with the endowments that both Newcomb and the Engineering programs have, however, the vote will be to retain them since that grant money will be lost if the programs fold.


The school shenanigans are going to kill the city. The only thing standing in the way of my family moving back is finding a place to plant a 5th grader and a 7th grader next year. And if I can't make that work, then my tax dollars and my wife's architecture license and her 20 years experience and her expertise in storm-resistant building are all going to stay in Texas.

We want New Orleans, but some days it seems like New Orleans doesn't want us.


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