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Mr. Clio

I'm just glad you took a deep breath first. I don't want to think about what would've happened if you hadn't paused first.

Thanks for kicking off my week right!


We watched the parades from across the street from that awful sign.

I wanted to pelt her with beads, but I was afraid that she would get the wrong impression, that I was actually supporting her sign.

Everyone I talked to on the passenger side of Napoleon hated her sign. I believe one summed it up best when he simply said, "That's pretty shitty."


Dammit - new orleans did change. Too many people who normally would have been around this year, must have relocated - because in years past, that sign would have been confetti!


Ashley, I have been a reader of your blog for a while now. Dude, are you me because you say EXACTLY what I think about the whole post-K madness, Forman, all of it?


I got run over by a taxi in Chicago 3 years to the day before Katrina, and had a severe head injury. So, I may be you, Brownsavvy, and not even know it.

Later blog post: how to get tenure when you have had a severe head injury and can't write for 2 years.

Ian McGibboney

I'd like to dismiss that sign as a joke, but unfortunately it's right in line with my experiences with a lot of Texans.

Immediately after Katrina, I got flak from a Texan blogger who didn't like that I said, "When even Texans help, that's amazing." He said I was unfairly classifying Texans as self-important Louisiana haters. And then something like this happens to prove me right.


I must have been asleep at the keyboard when you posted this. Nasty woman! Shame on her arrogance.

"Owe"? As in... an acquired debt? 'Scuse me while I thumb briefly through my "respect and caring for fellow humans" manual....

Nope. Can't find it anywhere. I betcha dollars to donuts that I'll find her under "sanctimonious jerks", though.


I look forward to seeing Rebecca's naked bead-besotted tits in "Best of Girls Gone Wild, Mardi Gras 2010".


A Zulu coconut? Would not a Muses shoe have done as well -- or better, with the potential for a nasty puncture wound?

Now we know why tomorrow is known as "Ash" Wednesday!


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