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Tim P.

You are a very lucky man to have easy access to such great food... of course, you've never had my shrimp creole, stuffed bell peppers or mirliton casserole (thanks, grandmaw!).

As for the roast beef po' boy debate... duh! Mothah's! All the way! I like my roast beef with chow chow and mynez though, but Mother's creole mustard is a good substitute... and that cabbage... inspired!

Elizabeth's warm roast beef po' boy with debris is pretty fine too. Make sure and have the praline bacon first though.

Shit, I could talk food for days. Now I'm sad again, honestly that was the best part of our trip... as self-indulgent as that is.


Best po-boys of any kind: Domilises. Dot's a dawlin' and her food is the best, y'all. I'm a homer on this one. Why go to Poydras when I can go 7-8 blocks? Mother's is good but Dot is my homey.

I don't like Elizabeth's as much since Heidi sold. I also miss my boy Chad; one of the best heavily tattooed waiters in town.

Trumpeters? I'm a Kermit man all the way. Irvin is fabulous technically but not as warm tonally as Kermit. They both have great N'awlins names though: Koimit and Oyvin...


That po-boy conversation in Austin always goes like this:

The only po-boys in town worth eatin' are from Gene's.

Yeah, definitely Gene's.

I tried one at Shoal Creek 'cause their duck gumbo rocks, but the po-boy was lousy, so I'm going back to Gene's.

Why do y'all keep talking about Gene's? Is it that authentic.

Yeah. He's from New Orleans.


I LOVE WE NEVER CLOSE! Although, I was never brave (or foolish) enough to dine-in. The place was nasty inside, but damn they had great po-boys. One time I ordered a hot sausage po-boy and just to show a guest what overstuffed really meant, proceeded to make two regular overstuffed po-boys from my one W.N.C sandwich. Ya u rite!

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