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Tim P.

Ashley, if you're serious about Chirac's buyout, you have to check your French grammar... it's pleine DE merde. When the time comes, I want that transition back to France to be easy.

The most infuriating part of my trip back was that the flood brought in MORE cockroaches; this time, however, they drove in from the west rather than flew.

You made my fucking day, once again, by the fucking way.


Sacrement. Just when I was confident in my Vous v. Tu. I will make the change...although I now do remember someone once telling me it was "de la merde".


A quote from the Houston article you reference: "They put up with a lot of things in New Orleans that we don't put up with here."

Ha ha ha - who are they kidding? Ha ha. They only put up with Columbian drug lords and crazy people who crash into women on the road, just so they can rape them. Give me a break - Houston is not some mecca of safe living.

Mr. Clio

They put up with corporate fraud that makes world history too.

I'm going to do a blog riff on what you're pointing to. My Yahoo homepage has been featuring an article from WDSU about the spike in Jeff Parish crime being blamed on Orleanians who moved there.

I'm sick of that crap. Funny, you never see any headlines thanking us for all the businesses, creative folks, attorneys, and energy companies that those shitholes STEAL from us because they look and feel more like "America" (Amerika, as my friend Nabil says). They never thank us for all the talent we send their way. They just whine and bitch about the crime that they ran away from.

You can run, but you can't hide.


Their Republicans are richer than our Republicans. Houston Proud!


Shouldn't there be an extra "s" at the end of Texas, i.e., TexASS?




Disappointed to see the link, Ash. Just another group who think the solution is give the Corps more money. Why does anyone think that giving the Corps money is going to solve their longstanding issue with valuing internal politics more than sound engineering judgement?

True accountability would be to PUT THOSE ASSHOLES ON THE STREET. Strip the Corps of all responsibility, participation, and funding for Louisiana flood protection and turn it over to the ASCE, because they seem to give a damn.

Seriously, why would we think that the Corps can fix the levees regardless of how much money they have? Don't we know by now that they AREN'T VERY GOOD AT MAKING LEVEES? Like, how much more evidence do we need? Isn't this just common sense?



I don't think the people want to give the USACE more money, they want to hold them responsible. I think the USACE should be charged with negligent homicide and/or treason, personally.

Let's contract all of this out to the Dutch.

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