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Mr. Clio

moLester is a creepy looking dude. Thanks very much for the link, given that somehow he helps keep food on my table at night, thanks to Dr. Mrs. Clio.

Richard P.

We can hope, yes. I was unaware of all of the lawsuits but apparently Cowen will have almost everyone against him at some point.


Note how the Case Western prez resigned after a no-confidence vote by the faculty. It mystifies me why Tulane doesn't take a vote.

Ray Ward

78% of N.O. voters say Tulane should keep engineering and Newcomb. So says CitiBusiness:


Eric Nothing says Rock N' Roll superstar like airoprt bathroom self portraits! haha! What airoprt? SFO? DEN? ??? Now that should be a trivia q&a thing Guess what airoprt and win dinner with Eric! hahah.. ok.. nuf I think it's cool.


that David Davin-Power, the Paul Williams of politcal joarsulinm i.e. only asks official sources for news, is saying Cowen will NOT resign today.So there you go, Cowen WILL resign today. Deffo. If Davin-Power is saying it's not happening, and he is the man who said Willie O'Dea will not have to resign, then it is happening. He always say's out of the woods and I always say Davin-Power is stuck so far up Fianna Fails hole he never see's the wood from the trees. Establishment cunts in RTE wouldn't know how to find news if it hit them in the face. Note to RTE News is what people in power DON'T want you to know, News is not what they tell you to say. Useless Beverly Copper Flynn, just pay half the bill cunts.


to Brian, we know you have no knowledge of bnnkiag So Mary Harney and Charlie McCreevy gave a a guy, who they knew had no knowledge of bnnkiag, the job of setting up The Financial Regulator.His experience was in organistional culture. Anybody who has any knowledge of management knows that organisational change and culture iis the wishiest and washiest bullshit out there. He reckons we all need to more positive. He dopesn't watch Vincent Browne because it's too depressing. Truth hurts pal.p.s. RTE have just read out an apology due to a guest saying that an economist working for one of the elite agencys spending my money is a shit economist. RTE apologises and doesn't agree that the man is a shit economist. That's alright then.Still no arrests.

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