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Cade Roux

Glad to hear you enjoyed the fais do-do at St. Mark's. That's my parents' church and I think their friends and fellow parishioners Mariane and David Arata organized it.


Ashley just can't behave himself... and it's all to our benefit!

Yeah, that "study" of news articles must have been a real tear-jerker. "Louisiana suffered 77 percent of the houses destroyed. *sob* And Gentilly alone had more homes and businesses destroyed than the whole state of Texas. *sniffle* But they also got more press than the Mississippi Coast. *wail* It just ain't FAIR!"

Hey, did you see Senator Vitter on TV today? He says the Corps is a bloated bureaucracy that can't get anything done in a timely fashion. So he's proposing the creation of an elite committee to oversee the Corps--another layer of bureaucracy! I'm not making this up. That's really his solution!

I'm so glad I'm registered Green.



This whole thing has made Vitter and Jindal look less like the moderate saviors that I perceived them to be. Garland Robinette just filets Jindal every time he comes on the show for his wishy-washiness.


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