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Sinn Fein and Tiocfaidh Ar La

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hello great post about Sinn Fein: Ourselves alone thanks for sharing

Daniel Harvey

"Fuck you, Daily Telegraph. Go drink your gin and tonic with your stiff upper lip, and have a soccer riot killing hundreds and eat your organ meat and avoid the dentist and act hostile toward Pakistanis and Indians." - I agree that the Daily Telegraph got that all wrong but as an Englishman who LOVES your blog, I found it a shame you'd resort to their level of lazy and untrue stereotypes. I also believe you should be careful with your use of 'Sinn Fein'. It's a word with a lot of cultural baggage. Sorry to lay a negative on you but I'd hate an otherwise brilliant blog to get bogged down with racists insults. Give us Brits a break about our teeth! Jesus.

Daniel Harvey

And England is one of the most tolerant countries in the world, ask anyone who lives in it. So the jibe about Pakistanis and Indians is a bit low.

Daniel Harvey

Al-Qaeda - um, Ourselves Alone. Wait, have I got the wrong terrorist group?

Daniel Harvey

Kind of glad your city got fucked actually. You dumb American slime ball.

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