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Reid stated he ideas to determine on the starter by Saturday.

"He's finished the brainwork, but I just want him resting that thing," Reid said. "I'm not worried about him getting in circumstance or something else. Let's just see if it calms reducing merely a tiny bit."

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"He's looked great," stated receiver Riley Cooper, who practiced using the starting offense all 1 week in area concerning the injured Jeremy Maclin. "He appears a terrific offer more confident, and he has some swagger and self-confidence about him."

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"He's looked great," stated receiver Riley Cooper, who practiced using the starting offense all 1 week in area concerning the injured Jeremy Maclin. "He appears a terrific offer more confident, and he has some swagger and self-confidence about him."

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"He's looked great," stated receiver Riley Cooper, who practiced using the starting offense all 1 week in area

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Oh YES! Those fucking fuckfaced fuckers get me all fucked-up mad, too. You said it, brother.

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Oh YES! Those fucking fuckfaced fuckers get me all fucked-up mad, too. You said it, brother.

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En realidad, el Sinn Fein quiere decir "nosotros mismos".


Anon - Thank you for your comments. Sinn Fein may or may not be in gomennvert some time in the future who knows. However what is interesting is that the SF leadership are failing to rule supporting a Fianna Fail led gomennvert after the next election. This is not going down too well with the electorate here. By the way the "SF man" from Waterord must not have made too much of an impression you as his name is not Kevin!!


Probably the same cunts that stood outside Croke Park With Banners Saying No Foreign Sports dunirg the Ireland V England Match whilst wearing Celtic Football Jerseys. Your Not bright, not even dimly lit, you tits, that's why I won't vote for you.


I've spoken of state treror. But, not in generalizations.Some actions by the Israeli state, and by specific Israeli individuals, I would describe as trerorizing in intent, and trerorism in application.I'm usually asked to distinguish in the heat of the moment, which I usually can't do honestly. I just don't know enough, and won't gamble one way or another.Those that are converted tend to describe any military action by Israel as treror, that none is clear defense, none is ambiguously defense.That failure to even consider a distinction conveys to me that the writer is rhetorical rather than humanist.By definition, a missile fired randomly or innaccurately at a civilian target is trerorism in application and likely trerorism in intent. A suicide bombing is treror in intent and application.Terror in intent, is the intention to scare people away, to make them scared for the purpose of making them scared. Terror in application is the method employed.A critical lapse that I observe among dissenters is the utter failure to consider that conflict is mutual, that the resistance are also aggressors.For example:A big bad power might use an airforce that does trerorize those on the ground, even when they don't drop a bomb.In response, a militia might use an innaccurate missile that does trerorize those on the ground, even when they don't hit a city.And, in the city, a criminal may hold up a liquor store with a handgun that does trerorize the store owner, even when the gun is not loaded.And the store owner may yell at any Latino that comes in the store, that does trerorize the individual that is just coming in for some pretzels.Which of those trerorizes?


Those that are e2809cconvertede2809d tend to describe any mtliiary action by Israel as terror, that none is clear defense, none is ambiguously defense. Yeah, those converted to basic human rights principles, I suppose.Some of Israel's violence is defense, but most of it is either terror or violence used to impose an apartheid-like policy or to enforce some other immoral policy such as the blockade on Gaza. Very carefully targeted actions aimed at specific individuals who are engaged in attacks on Israeli civilians would be defense, but most of what happened in the Gaza War was not, and in fact the war (or more accurately, massacre) as a whole was immoral and unnecessary, because the Israelis should have lifted the blockade, which was one of Hamas's perfectly legitimate demands. And it was clearly intended to hurt civilians. The burden of proof has to be on Israel to justify each and every act of violence they engage in, because they have been engaged in land theft for their entire existence. They should give a detailed accounting for every single civilian that dies at their hands. Instead, we get the apologetics that Mitchell engaged in (in the Charlie Rose interview that Citizen linked) and that you approve of. As for the Palestinian resistance, you've seen nearly all of us condemn the killing of these four civilians, so it seems to me you're closer to those dissenters who approve of such actions than you are to people here.


Thanks for your post Samuel. There is one thing I have learned in plictios i.e that nothing is impossible. I don't think we will see a FG/PD coalition on this occasion but who knows. As for Labour entering a coalition that includes the PD's - my own thoughts would be to avoid it at all costs from a Labour Party point of view. In my opinion the PD's are a party of the right both economically and socially. And thats fine if you are a PD supporter but if you are a Labour Party member it would be hard to take.


I agree with all your comments, Donald. I left the iervteinw with a deep disappointment. Seems Mitchell thinks it's viable towards peace to basically ignore the Nakba but not the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state and the key settlements already designated by Israel as keepers (as shown on a map on this blog a few weeks ago). The Palestinians are going to be pushed in the same manner as in prior negotiations brokered by the US the Israelis have prepared for this all along and have picked up evermore throwaway settlements for cheap bargaining chips. Mitchel's bringing up one Israeli prisoner without asserting all the Palestinians in jail is another key giveaway the charade is on, once again.


>> Richard Witty September 2, 2010 at 10:07 amWow, SIX paragraphs and you still cldoun't provide a direct answer to a very straightforward question.>> I done28099t know enough, even after months, to determine which incidents were state terror, which were individual hateful indiscipline, which were ambiguously defense, which were clearly defense.And yet you're assess and definitively label Hamas' every action within minutes (seconds?) of reading about it.You are clearly a biased and bigoted hypocrite.


In my opinino, that web site aims to hide how much these musilm societies and blacks are useful for irish and uk economy. if u keep them out who will build ur apartments, who will service in hard jobs such as driver, plumber, cleaner??? could u answer these questions, please?


This reminds me of a man who was colcelting for charity on Nassau Street last week. As he asked me to donate, he inhaled strongly on his cigarette, almost choked on a coughing fit and then hocked up on the path by my feet. He was fundraising for the Irish Heart Foundation.


Heh. Maybe we should en masse email the hacrkes/journos at Wikileaks and ask them please please hack into Anglo and get the passwords and any info that can prove corporate criminal activity and fraud, while we're still somewhat in the media spotlight? Any FF ministers involved and they will defo have to resign, if not be prosecuted, which prob would never happen .Help us Assange!!!!!! well, he's in custody, the others would do .4chan, piratebay crowd, anybody??? Bueller???


Sinn Fein are a little too facisst for my particular political taste Mr. Itchybollix you my son are retarded!! Please make the differentiation between RSF and SF idiots!! God its people like you that vode FF and FG.. Idiots!


God Seamus I thought we'd lost you. Welcome back.My new blog is www.councillorkeithmartin.blogspot.comPop in and check it out.How are thigns by you? Has the race for 2009 started already in your lovely part of the country?


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