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What's wrong with Forman? The man was positively a visionary to put the aquarium at the foot of canal street! At least that the way his commercial puts it. True, he's been a good businessman(for what that's worth) but he goes beyond campaign hype to giving himself credit for things he didn't do.

Marco Romano

They'll never get it. But some will and those are the people that keep coming back, whether to live or visit. Head high and keep on pushing! Walk over them if you have to. Gently, of course.

Seymour D. Fair

Amen to all dat, Brother Ashley. Agree--remove BR and Tally.


Wow, nothing like waking up Monday morning to a nice long reading list - hope no one comes by for office hours!

Mr. Clio

Ashley's rolling full force again, which means the cosmos is swinging back towards order again.


Yeah, you're right about Red Stick...and I live here [hang my head in shame] hour away geographically, but light years away socially and our detriment.

Mark Folse

Sinn Fien. Being married to an incorrigibly Irish-American and an Eirephile myself, I can't believe I missed this one.

That's what the hell I've been saying with increasing frequency.

Ourselves alone. Sinn Fien. Yeah, you right.


You make me laugh until I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for brightening my day... again.


Cade Roux

Unfortunately, Sinn Fein only has connotations of terrorism for me. But then, they always say one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.


Wait, are you sure Sinn Fein didn't blow up the levees?? Just kidding.

Also, I'm in the extreme minority in that I want innovative Dutch-like approaches to water management as well as urban planning and architecture. The cool thing about the Europeans and especially the Dutch in regards to architecture is that they aren't afraid to preserve the past while still looking forward. You'lll never be able to recreate my turn of the century shotgun double that got flooded in Midcity because the materials and craftsmenship that were employed to create it are no longer available. Instead I'd love to see homes and structures built in an aesthetic and with materials that are of our time & place and within a masterplan that works to our specific needs as an urban environment. Being too preservationist with new construction just ends up looking like a Disney simulacra in my opinion.


True, Jonah, but I'd prefer 100 year old cypress over PVC.

If you go to the Champs Elysses, you see the Arc de Triomphe, and the new Arc down the road (way down the road). I don't mind looking at the new Arc, but I'm glad it's way down the road.

Don't know if we'll physically be able to recreate it, though. Fortunately, many have been salvaging the wood and stuff, and it will be great to rebuild with some of that.


You, sir, are on the money.

You're as on the mark as the Confectioners' sugar that falls on my shoe while standing and eating beignets. One can relish the sweetness without even a taste.

How long will people who no longer live in town be able to vote in town?

This puzzle combined with Oliver Thomas' blunt remarks leaves us picking up the pieces.

I think this post makes me laugh today as I chortled with FYFF.

Bless you, sir

Oh, where do you and your grandmother stand Carnival Day?

Some Brit was asking.


The plan right now is to stand on St. Chuck, around 2nd St. Had to leave my old spot by felicity because my friend moved. Saw Sparta, Carrollton, et. al. on St. Chuck by Penis Town, and parked in front of Martin's.

If some Brit waits on mother-in-law to bare her boobs, they may be waiting a long, long time.


You rant beautifully - when invective is mixed with metaphor and prose and the victim's just not quite sure if you're insulting him or asking the time...gorgeous. I'm long overdue myself, but I have a new boss and I KNOW he reads the blog occasionally, so I'll read into what his sense of humor is before I make an ass of myself...or at least more so than normal.


"don't you dare write one fucking word about how our politicians are corrupt."

No kidding!! Does the name
"Al Capone" ring any bells??

I'm sure I could find something a little more recent than that, but under the watchful eye of my boss, brevity is best. Love the blog BTW


For the 35 to 45 mintues prior to the cannon fire that began the Crescent City Classic, Monsieur Si Elle Dix - that's french, for Monsieur Chirac - kept pronoucing over and over that his costume, the race, the rebuilding, ALL of IT - Sinn Fein!

Sinn Fein, alright!


Actually, Sinn Fein means "We, Ourselves."

Colin Murphy

Wanted to let you know. I'm mentioning Sinn Fein in my next column for the Driftwood, UNO's weekly drag. If you can, pick one up. Or hell, I live right by the Calhoun Superette. I can drop one by you next week. Let me know...

Professor Zero

Great post - although I'm a little late finding it, I'm linkin'.


very interesting, but I don't agree with you


Morris for Mayor, you fucking fucks! Sinn Fein!

Son of Molly

Conas ata tu? Ta me fuor i Chicago. Sinn Fein agus Oglaigh Na hEireann saorse!

Tiocfaidh ar la! We can use support anywhere... even non-yankee New Orleans! I mean you are Catholic Braithers right?

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Great post - although I'm a little late finding it, I'm linkin'.

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