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I'd love to have one of those Cusato cottages as a beach house for weekends or vacation. I'd furnish it with second-hand or hand-me-down furniture, and when the hurricane comes and the storm surge carries it out to sea, no catastrophic loss -- just buy a new one. (All I need is some beachfront property to put it on.)

Tim P.

First, I hope the littlest one gets better soon... poor thing!

Second, you're absolutely correct about the UAE and ports... it's amazing to see how venomous and savage the self-styled liberals out here go on about that very issue. They just stop short of saying "The Towel-Heads are coming!". I really don't have much to say about it except that I'm sure Bush and Co. will make a pretty penny on the deal... they don't seem to do much without cash being involved.

It was funny reading the bit about the conversation on the plane last week. I saw a lot of the same inner dialogue that I have when dealing with barbarians, but I lack the censor... it's awfully one-sided.

PS... a rolling pin is too kind. A cheese grater would have been more efficient.

Mr. Clio


Thanks for the link to the brilliant Ms. Hovde. I emailed her the following. I don't expect a response:

Ms. Hovde:

Numerous media sources and citizen journalists have conclusively shown that President Bush’s figure of $85 billion for recovery is a fraud, at least so far. You probably don’t have to worry about that much of American tax dollars going to save our region.
Our city is sinking in large part because of the decisions and behavior of the rest of America, which has been getting a pleasant ride at the expense of our health and long-term viability. A shared solution, paid for in part by those who have enjoyed the ride, is just. We will not beg for that which any fair assessment of the situation would rightly award us.
While you hear our public appeals to justice, you do not see the hard work and grit we are exerting here.
I promise I will forget your self-congratulatory rhetoric the next time your region is hit by a national disaster or terrorist attack. I will advocate that you and your countrymen are Americans who deserve American assistance.
At the minimum, you owe us gratitude for showing how utterly unprepared our “homeland security” president and his minions have left this country. The past six months have shown that you had better watch your own back, because the federal government certainly is not.

Those are the most pressing responses that I have to your article.

Mr. Clio


Lana Kelly - Hey! So what about this picture party? My peeps are lined up and wntaiig!!! Call me when u get a chance 429-4792. How many months ahead are u scheduling right now? Do I need to go ahead and book for fall? Let me know. I'm needing a photo fix! LOLLana

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